You will need to know some simple html for this tip.

1) Start off by creating a group and name it "Classifieds". Then be sure to check off the boxes like I have pictured here (After completion). At this point put a check in the "Comments" & "Discussion Forum" boxes.

Note! I unchecked the Forum box so the forums will not be visible. (...but you'll still have the forum. You just have to link to it... via step 5)

2) Then I'm showing the latest posts via RSS Feed.

3) I placed a "Post" button so the visitor doesn't get confused with what "Add a Discussion" means. Note: you can not change the "Add a Discussion" in your Language Editor without changing it site wide. (that's why the "Post" button) Here's what I have it look like: (notice lots of keywords for this page)

A classified section targeted directly to surfers. Sell your new or used surfboard or surf gear here at no charge.

Post your Classified Here: (via "Add a Discussion")You can place this into your "Description" box. If you didn't already know, you can place html into the "Description" box of any of your Groups. BUT... you are limited to so many words in there so you'll have to play around with it. (I've been asking Ning to increase this for us but never a reply). 

4) Using the Forum Discussions: This is where you can use the power of your Group section because each Group has its OWN forum. (This is why I have the "Discussion Forum" box unchecked BUT you still have it.) Create a Forum Topic for each type of classified category you think applies to your site. 

5) Using the Comment box: Now you can place a category list with links to all your different Forum topics that you created. Each different Forum Topic being the name of each of your different Categories. I did my category list using a drop down menu from Jens site. When finished you just paste the html into the "Comment" box... I also placed a search box in there too...

6) Be sure to uncheck the "Comments" & "Discussion Forum" box under the "Features" via "Edit Discussion" under your Options tab when completed.

To see how I completed mine you can view it at: Classifieds for Surfers

Oh... and please feel free to critique my Classifieds

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depends on settings  if its public/pay they can read but not reply or post

because of the limitations of this system i went with an app

i'll post why in a seperate post

unpaid members will have a view only access if you set the paid group as public

so that is why i asked NING to add the above functionality and also give the unpaid members the right to reply but not of opening topics

why i went with an app versus trying to create a classifieds from a group:

The reason I went with an app instead of trying to create something from what Ning offered, is because it was so limited in what you can do the app I used was Noah classifieds because you can set the prices per section for the ads, you can pre-populate ads, from a nationwide database, I have literally over 1000 categories set up already, plus a business directory that can be added to, personal section. You can set up featured lists recently added lists soon to be expired list. You can charge for featuring your ads, by category or globally. By that I mean, one price for featuring only on the categories, and another price for featuring higher up on the page on every page.
Plus it allows you to set custom fields for the postings, next week you also have added Skype integration that lets people call directly from the ad to the seller. I originally haves set up forum posts is like classifieds but it was just too sloppy and limited. As soon as I'm done for configuring it, I just click one button, and it pulls in thousands of ads on the oodle database. So even before you have your first ad you already have thousands of ads to bring in traffic.
Additional features:
a unique e-commerce set up as a sample:
give the new members at registration at 50 or any other number credits to spend on ads and upgrades, charge a buck or two for a few credits more. More for larger credit packages, or subscriptions instead of credits. That would be a set price for a year or two years use. And featuring is always direct cash no credits or subscription. If you set up that way you can set it for credits as well. This way low value items can sell several for free before being charged, high-value items like houses and cars on the first time small fee, or more if the feature. And a larger fee from then on. You set this all customize by category like charging a fee for business listings for a year or five years or 10 years. It is a simpler solution

I don't know how the whole making members pay thing works. I'm more into it to create a full one stop surf site to bring in more members. I can still add ads and make money that way via a trick I learned off Jens site.

That would be nice to bring in listings from other sites so there's lots on there but my site is a niche focused on surfing. I didn't want it to be convoluted with a bunch of stuff that doesn't pertain to my site like baby clothes, etc. And none of the 3rd party apps had anything for surfing anyways. So that and the monthly payments killed it for me.

The Skype thing sounds pretty cool. I don't think there's a way you can do it with this.

But another main thing that stopped me from using 3rd party apps was that they don't get on the activity feed. With this it does.

They can get on the activity feed by adding RSS. I believe that there's a way to add RSS to the activity feed I think it was on Jens site.

Or you can just add an RSS feed below that. It does automatically generate RSS feeds which is nice as well. My new site is a citywide site so it's going to have a broad scope. So a massive classifieds section will be very beneficial. My only complaint is how long it takes to configure and set up. But once it's up and done this can't take off. How are you going to handle expired ads? Will they all not be removed or will you always have to remove ads every time manually and search through to see whether they are sold or expired?

Expired? Well right now it only has a few listings so I'm not too worried about it. But if it were to take off in the next couple of years, I guess manually. But since it's listings from my sites members, I could have a great excuse to re-engage that member and shoot them an email about it. If no answer, delete.

well as long as your only expecting a few items a month

expired as in you post it foprt 30-60-365 days then it expires and deletes

like i had mine set to 30 days for most sale items

60 for real estate rent

365 for real estate sales

120 for car sales

business directory listings i had 1 5 10 years subscriptions

though i may alter these

and the classifieds isnt just fopr my members either (the sites so new theres hardly any members i anm waiting till i finish the classifieds to do a official site launch by placing an ad in the local free paper that lists alot of arsts and culture events as well as hanging fliers around the region)

but once the classifieds Is done I expect that to drive some traffic to the main site as well


How do get the RSS feed on the group please???

Thank U

Cannot find the RSS feed URL...

I am having RSS problem too

To find the RSS reader be sure you have the "RSS Reader" box checked (see first picture above).

Click on your "Options" tab, select "Edit Group" then put a check mark in the "RSS Reader" box.

Then the RSS icon is usually at the bottom left of your Group page. Hey, I don't see mine either. If you can't see yours either then click the RSS icon in your browsers address bar and select the rss feed for that Group page.

If you don't have the rss feed icon in your browser address bar then you will need to go to your browsers "Add-ons" and add it on (for FireFox you'll find it under "Tools" then select "Add-ons".

hey Scott

nice tip!

but im a lil comfused with this category list you use  i cant find the drop down menu at Jens site.

can you help ?

thanks in advance


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