I've just stumbled across a great resource, and (sweet as I am), thought I'd share.

The website is called MyBlogGuest. It's a hub for the exchange of guest blog posts. The quid pro quo is this: the writer gets exposure and a backlink to his/her site or product, and the publisher gets free content. Brilliant idea, and there are only three websites like it -- MyBlogGuest is the best of the three, as far as I can determine. 

So here's how it works. You sign up (it's free), and post a request for guest bloggers in the forum. Describe your website, Alexa rank, Google pagerank, and what types of articles you're looking for. Bloggers interested in contributing a guest blog post to your site can respond to the post or PM you.

You can also peruse the MyBlogGuest articles database -- it's a collection of original articles that guest bloggers have written and uploaded for posting on other other websites. You can see a description of each article (sorted by subject), and the first paragraph. If you like what you see, you can submit a request for the article. The author will review your site details (and the details of any other sites that have requested the article) and choose which site to publish it on.

I signed up the day before yesterday and have already secured two well-written, relevant guest articles. One has gotten over 1,000 hits since it was posted yesterday, and (this morning, anyway) had the #1 spot on Google for the search term "reasons to buy Windows 8." Check out the article here: 5 Reasons Why You Need Windows 8.

In addition to obtaining articles through the site, you can also write your own and submit them to other websites to gain exposure for your website and (at a minimum) a quality backlink.

FYI, I have absolutely no affiliation with MyBlogGuest, and would not benefit in any way from signups that originated from this post. Just thought I'd pass on a great resource. 

Have a great day!

Kristy :-)

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Thats a cool site!!! I signed up however they have no beer related articles. What were the other 2 you said you use?

That's too bad, Chris. The other two that I found are www.guestblogit.com and www.bloggerlinkup.com/ -- best of luck to you! :)

Hey thanks!! You are the best!

Ok it's been a looong weekend and my brain is really fried [more than normal] so please bear with me.  Do you actually make them a member or copy/paste their post?  We're a small site which we kept private for the first few years and we never cared a/b SEO and such [basically talking amongst ourselves].  Now we're looking to expand and add content.  I'm wondering if this is the way to go or if anyone would even bother with us since we have no page ranking.

What I did was create a dummy profile with the writer's name and a default avatar, then posted the article using that profile. 

Afterwards, I decided to create some guest writer guidelines and establish a procedure for  people outside of MyBlogGuest (and other similar services) who would like to contribute a guest blog to my site. Here is the link to the VFXG guest blogger guidelines.

So...you could do something like that. :-)

Oh, and as to page ranking -- it might make it a little tougher to nab articles on blog exchange sites, but there are a lot of bloggers looking for link diversity or further exposure as experts on their subjects of choice...so it's definitely worth a shot.

Thank you Kristy.  I truly appreciate your assistance. 

You're very welcome! :-)

personak[ly wouldnt use it your just basicly allowing spam they want links on your site  the links take link juicve from you to them  making them an  higher expert on the siubjects (by the way i hear nothing but bad reviews on windows 8 and was tol,d many times to avoid it at all costs)

why cant you write your own ciontent let your members write content fpr you

i have over 2 million pages indexed on google with thousands in the number 1 positions an d never had to let anyone but my members provide content

and then im not sending my link juice to other sites

this is just legitimized spam  thats akll

its not worth it

unless your really incapable of writting or thinking up yoir own posts

I'm already alllll over the site. *lol*

Oh my. That was rather blunt.

I'm perfectly capable of writing my own posts -- and nothing will be posted on my site without my permission, so there's little chance of blatant spam. I'm ok with a link to a legitimate site, and a guest blogger should certainly receive something in return for his or her efforts.

As to the Windows 8 review, it's a matter of opinion -- and to each his own. I'm not selling Windows, just offering one man's perspective (on a side note, though...every version of Windows for as far back as I can recall has been less than ideal on release and updated until functionally acceptable).


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