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These small bit sof code will give you a few little changes to your like icon and comments icon plus a small separator for when someone replies to a comment etc this is explained better in the images below.

Here is the after view from adding the code, the code reveals the word Like and Comment next to the icons. Also in the images which shows the items liked a small s has been added so it's says Likes instead of like. That last part could be done in the language editor if you wanted.

Here is the small portion of css for you to add to your custom css section. You can of course alter the colours as needed in the css.


/* This adds a little  > after the person name */
.activityFeed-comment .media-body a:first-of-type:after{ content:">"; display:inline-block; margin-left:3px;margin-right:4px }
.activityFeed-comment {font-size:0.85em }

/* Reveal The Word Comment before the count number */
.activityFeed .icon-comment{display:inline;vertical-align:bottom}
a.activityFeed-commentCount, a.activityFeed-commentFormDisplay {font-size: 0.9em; line-height: 1em; float:right; }
.icon-comment.icon:before{ float:right!important;margin-left:5px;margin-top:-5px }

/*Reveal The Like Word */
.activityFeed-counts .icon{ display:inline;vertical-align:0 }
.button-tiny.likeButton a{ padding:3px 6px;font-size:0.75em }
.button-tiny.likeButton a:hover, .button-tiny.likeButton {background-color:#00a6eb;border: 1px solid #a2bf1f;text-decoration: none;} .icon-love:after{content:"s";display:inline;}

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  • Grrrr the like button not working for me.  I'd fiddling in firebug.  Is that exactly how you have it installed on your site?

    • Yes it's exactly what I have as I took it straight out of my css to post here. What bit of the like button is not working for you Kos ? Have you used the Like, Favorite or Promote on your site as if you chose one of the others bar like it would need to change for those.

      • I was looking at a blog post and didn't see the change.  Took me a bit to realize it was Activity Feed only.  We're all good.

  • Ahhh ok.  You have to have your button set to "like"; otherwise "favorite" or whatever you've chosen appears.  And this is only applicable in the Activity Feed itself.  Not on the article.  Okay got it


    • I will post the code for the Like button to change for the whole site not just for the activity. Will also add some more for those other 'like' options.

      Kos if you add this as well it will then make the word like show on all pages, use it with the other code as that will work for the colours etc as in the original code only the first line restricts the like to the activity feed.

      .button-tiny.likeButton a .icon {
          display: inline;
          width: auto;
          overflow: hidden;
          vertical-align: middle;}
      .likeButton-count{ vertical-align:middle;}

      John :-)

  • I am having one the code it specified-  text-decoration: none;}

    I have tried to remove the word none and put in the color code but nothing is changing. I have tried doing several things. Can you tell me what code I need to change the text to what I need? I have my color code ed7868. Thank you!

    • Hi Jennifer

      I have provided the code you need to add to be able to change the text colour below and you just need to change the colours for what you need.

      The Like and Comments colours all come from your design studio links colours so whatever you have set your links to is what reflects in the colours for these. Ning did not seperate them when 3.0 was first built so hopefully this might be something they might change so we can style these in the design studio rather than having to code it.

      With regards to the text-decoration that is not a colour setting for text. Text decoration is that little underline you get when you hover over a link so this just makes sure it does not show up when you hover over the like button.

      When looking at CSS for colour of text it normally looks something like this

      something { color: blue }    They key here is the word ' color ' . When writing it be sure to spell it as American as code is written this way. I am from the UK and am always making the mistake of writing in English and we spell it this way, Colour,  which will not work.

      Just thought that may help you when looking at CSS code posted on here on Creators.


      .button-tiny.likeButton a{ color: blue }
      .button-tiny.likeButton a:hover, .button-tiny.likeButton { color: purple}


      Just change the color blue and purple for what colour you want, you can write the colour as I have done or add your hex colour code.

      The first line is for the like button text colour ( the heart is included in this )

      The second line is for when you hover over a link and also when it has been liked.

      Hope that helps

      Let me know if you have any problems, as mentioned in my post I am from the UK so depending where you are there may be a little time delay in my repsonse.

      John :-)

      • Thank you John! It worked. So appreciated!

  • And thank you for the tip!

This reply was deleted.

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