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This is a simple yet potentially lucrative tip to insert Google Adsense or Yahoo/Bing Ads (or anything really) after the first paragraph (defined by <p> tags) in all content in forum or blog posts (including member posts).


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Here is the script to insert adverts under the first paragraph in BLOG POSTS. The red script will need to be replaced with your own Google Adsense or Yahoo/Bing ads script.

Put it in your custom code box:

<!-- Insert Ads INSIDE Blog Posts by SweetPotato -->
<div id="ad_after_jump" style="display:none;">
<!-- Advert Script START -->
<script id="mNCC" language="javascript">  medianet_width='200';  medianet_height= '200';  medianet_crid='45454545';  </script>  <script id="mNSC" src="" language="javascript"></script>
<!-- Advert Code END -->
</div><script type="text/javascript">if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {  x$('.xg_widget_profiles_blog_show .postbody .xg_user_generated').find('p').eq(0).after('<p style="font-weight:bold;">Continued after the jump ....</p></br><div id="ContentAdverts"></div>');    var inject_SPadverts = document.getElementById('ad_after_jump');    var SPadverts = document.getElementById('ContentAdverts');    SPadverts.innerHTML = inject_SPadverts.innerHTML; }</script>


ADS IN FORUM POSTS - same as above but use this code and change the red script.

<!-- Insert Ads INSIDE Forum Posts by SweetPotato -->
<div id="ad_after_jump" style="display:none;">
<!-- Advert Script START -->
<script id="mNCC" language="javascript"> medianet_width='200'; medianet_height= '200'; medianet_crid='54565767'; </script> <script id="mNSC" src="" language="javascript"></script>
<!-- Advert Code END -->
</div><script type="text/javascript">if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') { x$('.xg_widget_forum_topic_show .description .xg_user_generated').find('p').eq(0).after('<p style="font-weight:bold;">Continued after the jump ....</p></br><div id="ContentAdverts"></div>'); var inject_SPadverts = document.getElementById('ad_after_jump'); var SPadverts = document.getElementById('ContentAdverts'); SPadverts.innerHTML = inject_SPadverts.innerHTML; }</script>

I have tested this pretty thoroughly and only come across a couple of instances where the ads weren't where I expected them to be. 95% of the time they are after the first paragraph, assuming that the html generated in the content has the correct <P>tags.

If your ads are not going to fill the width of the page, for example if they are 200px wide, and you want the following paragraph to wrap around the advert then add this css to your advanced css section:


If you want to remove the 'Continued after the jump wording then delete <p style="font-weight:bold;">Continued after the jump ....</p></br> from the code above.

Play around with it and see how you get along.



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  • gud
  • NC for Hire

    This week seems to be getting better. We can say tips week. Another great tip. Keep it up SP.

  • Great tip SP. Am curious if i added a picture on the first right side of the blog right next to the first pragraph, wont this code interfere with it. I mean wont the Ad show on the first main/ front page of the network?

    I am surely going to try this tip. It looks great.
    • NC for Hire
      It depends if the image is in the first set of para tags. My advice would be to include the image in the first paragraph aligned left or right so the text wraps around it substantially enough for it to look ok once the code gets injected. But this tip doesn't really factor in all the variables possible. All I can suggest is to try it and see how it looks. My guess is that this tip will be best with inline text ads. Let me know how it goes. Sp

  • Hi SP,

    I saw this from jen and I was wondering if you could combine it with yours so we have one add after the first paragraph and one at the button?

    • NC for Hire
      Button or bottom? Either way I'm reluctant to play around with Jen's tip from her site. I'd ask her, especially if you are in her premium group.
This reply was deleted.

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