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How do you find this idea of me to make chat room more visible to  members and visitors (force visitors to sign in). Hope you will like it.

How to implement this idea? Please follow the instructions below. Copy and paste the following codes into Custom Code or analytics.

Make sure that you have replaced my network chat room link and network name which are highlighted below. Live example: It is located just above regular chat room click here<!-- Make Chat room more visible -->
<a target='_blank' href='' text='Kanchenjunga Social Netwrok'><img src='*nLuTN6fyHhxtx2vPDA-ra9RnpZad/1059727429.gif alt='Live Chat' style='position: fixed; bottom: 25px; right: 10px;'></a>
<!-- Make Chat room more visible -->

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  • This is very beautiful
    Thank you creator

  • sweet

  • Thank you I added it to my forum also. Looks good now to get the members back in the forum for chat.

  • Excellent tip, thank you!

  • Awesome! Soon as I'm done with other customization, I'll be making use of this.



  • Very nice!  Added it.  Love it!  Thank you very much!

  • oh i love it ive had members take a year to find the chat and i get "whats that chirping sound" questions alot

    • Some of our members have taken that long too, and that was when the "chirp" was on by default.  Now we have the chirp disabled by default as the majority don't use chat but those who do can enable it if they want.  This will make chat more obvious to new members hopefully.

  • umm found an issue with it

    see screenshot

    look over in the far right corner

    if u zoom so the inner canvas is as wide as the screen the live chat "sk]lides under" the canvas border and vannishes behind it

    how do i get it to float ontop?

This reply was deleted.

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