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Happy Holidays, Ning Creators!

I’m on the CafePress Team working with Ning to help you ring up more holiday sales on the Ning Network. Chances are, holiday shoppers will love buying gifts from your CafePress shop, if they know how to find you. Here are a handful of suggestions on how to quickly and easily promote your shop:

1. Create more designs around your topic. Think of all the slogans your members will love. Let’s say you have a Knitting site – offer your members products that embrace their passion with designs such as “peace love knitting” or “EAT SLEEP KNIT”. You can upload your own designs, use our online design tool to create your own, or use one of our design templates. The more designs you have in your shop, the better. You can add up to 12 different designs on your shop.

2. Let your members know about your shop. Blog about it, post it on the forum, or post a graphic. Share the different designs you have. Each sale from your shop supports your site. You receive 10% commission of all sales from your shop.

3. Take advantage of the holiday promotions we’re sponsoring for November. Below is a calendar of sales – be sure to let your members, friends, and family know. Post to your members as each sale starts and a reminder before it ends.

*Coupon disclaimers apply – more information.

4. Add the CafePress Shop App to your store. Make it easy for friends, family and a world of shoppers to find your designs. If you haven’t already done so, add the CafePress Shop App to your site (you can install it for free from the Ning App store).

Need more ideas for sprucing up your store? Check out the tips from my previous post for inspiration.

Wait. What’s that sound? Do you hear sleigh bells? Must be time to start sprucing up your shop and spreading the word on your holiday offering. Let shoppers know that your designs make perfect gifts.

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  • I never had reason to contact them, but it shouldn't be long. You should hear something by tomorrow, if not tonight.
  • Thank you Thunder...I have emailed them and just waiting for a reply. Are they pretty quick or does it take a couple of weeks to get a reply back? Anyone know?
  • Try contacting CafePress directly, Priscilla.
  • I would really like to set up a Cafe Press account. I thought I did it when I first got my ning network. I can not find it in my management and I am not having much luck getting a hold of Angela above. Does anyone have a link for me or someone who can help me?  Your help is much appreciated.

  • Angela....I have tried to email you, but we need to be friends first. I would really like help setting up a cafepresss on my site....
  • Robert, Adina, and everyone.


    If you already HAVE a CafePress Store, DON'T USE THE APP! The App is fine for those who want a quick fix and don't want to create a large CafePress (or other) Store. But, if you want more functionality, more control, to be able to add TONS more merchandise, AND get a much HIGHER PROFIT ...go with your own CafePress Store off of Ning.


    You can then link to this store by placing images or text on your Ning Network, and/or a Tab in yur nav bar. You can create a slideshow of your products or a banner and put that on your Main Page, which links to your store. There may even be a way to embed it ...I was able to embed my Amazon store in a page on my network.


    But the store doesn't ahve to be actually on your Ning Network ...and the point is you can have more merchandise, greater control, AND more profits by not using the App (just check the App and the difference in percentages vs your own CafePress Store).


    Dax Carlisle


  • Sorry about that Priscilla! Can you message me the details including your Ning website and I'll get someone to help you.
  • I guess I am still not getting any help .LOL
  • When I first started my ning account..I remember signing up for this cafepress through my manager page on my network. I never heard back from them and was wondering what I should do at this point? Any help?
  • Yes Adina .. this is the same problem I am running into. I created a premium shop (which took some time) a few years ago and now wanted to add it to my network and I contacted Cafepress and they told me I would have to create a whole new store through the ning app. I wonder if Ning and cafepress will change it in the future. I would love for the app to work with my existing shop.
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