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In the past month, the nation has come face-to-face with an alarming epidemic among its youth: bullying, cyber bullying and teen suicide. As a platform that enables any person or organization to create a social website, we intrinsically understand the power of the social Web. It lets people gather around and connect directly with the organizations, artists, politicians, non-profit and brands that matter most to them. Anyone can instantly share, engage in a conversation, and connect with other people who share similar interests—to be social online. But just like in real life, bullying can happen online too.

Ning is the platform that enables people to freely and safely share their ideas and thoughts. As an employee who’s constantly in touch with members of our platform, I want to highlight the handy tools we have to empower Ning Creators to prevent aggressive, hateful behavior within their social communities:

Ning Safety Center and Network Creator Safety and Policy Resources – Here you can learn all things related to creating a safe and secure online community
Teen Safety Tips - Tips on protecting privacy and staying safe for teens
• “Report an Issue” link - It’s at the bottom of every page and allows your members to report objectionable content to you

If there's anything that should be reported to Ning, don't hesitate to contact us. If someone you know is a victim and in need of help, you can reach out to one of the following national suicide prevention lines:

Trevor Lifeline - 1-866-4-U-TREVOR (1-866-488-7386)
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

To anyone out there feeling alone or different, you’re not alone. There are many communities on the Ning Platform where you can also find support:

No Dumb Questions
OUTtv Socialize
The Bully Suicide Project
Swirl Radio
Orange County Equality Coalition
National Marriage Boycott
Cafe Q – Sacramento
The Something Awesome Project

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  • Thank you for this post Jason.....

  • Thank you Jason for sharing with us your enlightening and inspiring words. We are here to connect in order to share and bring out our ideas in spirit of respect
  • Thank you, everyone, for your feedback and thoughts :)

    @Marlene, You're absolutely right-- bullying can and does happen to any person, not just teens. Given the recent coverage of events involving teens, we though we'd focus on that particular issue, which might already be on the minds of Network Creators. That said, I hope the resources I've outlined in my post can be applied in other circumstances to further help Network Creators and community manager keep their social communities safe and open places.
  • This was a perfect idea. It happens at all ages, not just teens.

  • I'm giving you a standing ovation as I type this Jason, thank YOU! It breaks my heart when I hear about and/or watch programs about bullying. There are times that my members and myself discuss various community issues. Indeed, bullying is one.

    I agree with Jen that online bullies are a serious issue and have caused horrible, emotional pain/hurt to innocent people. As Peace typed, we should be thinking about this as nc's. As a creator, it will NOT be tolerated on my network!
  • Excellent! Thanks Jason, this is something everyone should be thinking of as community managers.
  • NC for Hire
    Thank you Jason, nice write-up and great links. Online bullies are more serious than most would think. I'm happy to see Ning is proactive in regards to this ongoing issue.
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