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Encourage members to welcome new members

Encourage members to welcome new members, by introducing new members yourself to get the ball rolling. Put a link to each new member's profile in a broadcast message along with a brief description of the new member.

Suggest that members to welcome new members by posting a comment on their profiles or by sending friend requests with a personal message.


Here's an email that I recently sent to my group. You can modify it to suit your network.


- - - - Example Broadcast Message - - - -

New Members

New Members are constantly joining -- please welcome them!

You can do that by posting a comment on their profile or by sending a Friend Request.

Be sure to add a personal message when sending a Friend Request.


Steve Hall -- Intelligent, funny, busy. Steve enjoys Live Concerts. Travel. Dancing. Motorcycles Runs. Auto Shows.Roller Coaster Rides, Table Dancing, Strawberrys & Whipcream, MotorCycle Ride.Pizza & Beer.- - - -


Lisa Thompson, sweet, nice, friendly Lisa enjoys going to the movies, reading, hanging out w/friends,going out to dinner and a movie.


Chandra Flores -- pretty, thick, and brown

Chandra enjoys dancing, tennis, bike riding, laying by the water with a good book to read or good company, walking,and traveling, going to the beach on date with a picnic basket full of tasty treats, toys(for example, Hula Hoop, Frisbee). 


Shontae -- Funny, Sweet, and Large & Lovely.
Shontae enjoys live music/concerts, the beach on a sunny day, and day trips to new places and/or festivals.On a date, she likes to relax, be herself, and just have fun.


Matt Vega -- fun exciting witty loves photography and editing as well as taking walks and spending time with people 


Latoya -- Fun, Funny, Fantastick

Latoyya enjoys dancing and singing


Loyd -- adventurous, self-assured, intelligent

She enjoys having some fun times with another adult, making new friends, and exploring new places/interests.
On a date she likes doing something out of the ordinary.- - - -


- - - End of Example Broadcast Message - - -


To help you members understand how to send friend requests and post comments, you might want to make a video with voice over.  A free program for making such videos is available from -- here's a video that I made for my members.


To your success.

Phil Seyer

Director of Professionals Guild



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  • GOOD ONE !

  • You can customize the welcome message that Ning currently sends to new members. I customize the message and invite new members to visit the welcome page online.
  • Another related idea: Take a screen shot of new members using snagit or another application.  Then say something like:


    Here are some of our new members: Please welcome them by posting a comment or their page or sending them a private message.  To send a private message, send a friend request and include a personal message along with your friend request. 

  • Agreed
  • I can see you point for Networks that aren't 'social networks' Vouthynar, but for sites such as ours we like the more personal touch..
  • How about Ning creates something that automates the Creator's Welcome to a New Member, and automatically says Happy birthday on a member's wall.  Include a mass wall post ability from the Creator (because we won't spam our own site), oh and a better chatroom.  But this is a great post though, but I'm paying $500 a year for automations I need, not what Ning thinks I need.
  • We always 'share' the new members page with other members, that way they can click on the link and go straight to their page to welcome them in.. I like the idea of the follow up questionnaire Cuba, might use that or something like it...
  • Hey Cuba,

    That's a simple awesome idea. Best one I've heard. Thanks for sharing it!

  • We have been doing this for years and we also follow up with a questionnaire to new members after their first month to see what problems they are having, likes, dislikes, etc


    where the dogs to the barking and the people do the typing........

  • thank you for comments, it would also help to view this post from swurv


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