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Thomas Knoll writes a brief but meaningful post with one simple tip: talk to your customers.

Now, I'd replace customers with members as it relates to Ning Creators, but the concept still stands. Specifically, Thomas points out the importance of finding out when and where your members are when using your Ning Network (product). And, what are they doing immediately before and after (ie, what triggers their visit)?

We've discussed the topic of when people visit your Ning Network here. It's important to think of this in context then - are your members at work, home or elsewhere? What else might they have, distracting them (perhaps rightly so) from your network? What sort of impact does this have on what content you are serving and when you first add it to your Ning Network?

To bring it back to his basic point, talk to your members to find out answers to these questions. It will help you be a better manager and potentially drive even more traffic!

Leave your thoughts on this below, including ideas on how and where to reach out to members!


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  • I,give my members they a network member,i hate to receive a bunch of emails reminding me of this and that. I find myself deleting emails before reading them that come from a network i am a member of.for my members i send out only valuable information.Flooding someones email box with i am thinking of and all that can be and annoyance in todays times,with us being members of so much.ex. facebook,myspace,twitter......however i do feature different members on a daily basis to let them know they are valuable.And i acknowledge them with broadcast messages on hoildays...some people don't want to be proded into doing thigs,such as blogs.etc.
  • Hi Mrs. Peel - great point, we don't get to comment to everyone here, so just started a Greeters group: to let others participate in this!
  • I make sure my members know I appreciate them. I continually ask for ideas and input on the site and what would they be interested in seeing there. I make sure I let them know I'm thinking of them by sending PMS, Broadcast Messages and leaving personalized comments.
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