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You can follow this tutorial on getting a time of day report in Google Analytics.  Then you can see what time of day visitors are on your site.


For my travel sites, I get traffic bumps at noon, 3-4pm, and 8-9 pm.


This allows me to know when the best time is to send out my broadcast emails and also when I should be doing my PPC advertising.


When does most of your traffic visit your site?



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  • This is good stuff. Very interesting, Tom. I'd be curious to hear what other folks have to say.
  • Here's ours:

    Eric, I think you and I can probably start leaving the office at 4pm!
  • First the Tutorial was very easy to follow thank you for posting it.

    My network for people with HIV/AIDS has the most traffic between 8pm-9pm and 9pm-10pm . It makes sense since we hold our group chats and Live radio broadcast at 9pm on certain evenings.
  • NC for Hire
    This is definitely interesting. I knew we didn't get a lot of dips or peaks - - steady traffic. But, I'm quite surprised at just how steady it is. We have dips between 3AM-6AM. No wonder I get no sleep, LOL! There's never a good time to break away.

  • We use Woopra to monitor live stats, Noon is our peak without fail 5 days/wk, then mornings on the weekends.

  • Ya, thanks for the tutorial! I also use clicky to analyze my traffic. Here's a graph that compares today from last week:

    The largest peak was between 8a-10a

    Here's google:

    It looks like I get the most traffic between 8a-2p.

    Great topic and thanks again for the tutorial!
    • this is why I have my lunch at my desk!

      Also tuesday is our best day of the week...
      • What do YOU use? I think I like yours the best:)
        • Google analytics! Then I go to this function and put it on graphs by hour:

          Besides the graph you get the percentages like in my previous reply.

          But there is sooooooooo much more to check out, for instance the site overlay is very interesting. you can see what link has been clicked the most straight on your site...

          Very proud of my network today! I achieved my first milestone of 100 members registered!
          • Congratulations on the first 100 members!
            (I eat lunch at my desk as well)
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