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The Ning social network we used in our BYU Comms230 class this semester was a useful tool that was wholeheartedly embraced and endorsed by class members. Powerful, intuitive social media tools aren’t just for marketing. They represent and facilitate fundamental shifts in human interaction—shifts that can improve university learning.

>>> 43 out of 43 students said such a network would be helpful in ALL of their classes.

>>> The following few quotes represent hundreds of positive comments from class members:

“The network took class discussions and extended them into online conversations.”

“Seeing my classmates’ work sparked my own ideas.”

“The professor has talked a lot this semester about building a personal online brand. Blogging has helped me do that.”

“I got many more insights through sharing ideas on blog posts.”

“The network unified our class and facilitated communication.”

“I was motivated to submit higher quality work because I knew my peers would see it.”

“It’s simple. I don’t have to print assignments. I can get things done from anywhere. It’s quick. The communication is instant.”

“Everything I need for class is in one spot—the calendar, syllabus, class video stream, lecture slides, and quick ability to contact classmates, the professor, and the TA.”

“My questions are answered and my comments acknowledged much quicker than in regular classes.”

“Blogging forced me to think. I wasn’t just memorizing material.”

“Blogging has helped me feel like I have a jump on the industry because I’m actually in it.”

“It was really motivating to me to make my blog posts good so that others would respond to them.”

“Comments left on the posts unified the class, and we were able to bounce ideas off each other.”

“Blogging made me think, and put those thoughts into words. When you have to explain yourself to others it makes you dig deeper and find out why you think that way.”

“Yes. I recommend it for other classes. The world is more technologically savvy. Students must be too.”

“Blackboard is functional, but the Ning network is fun and so much more interactive.”

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  • Hi Blake. When you are in your regular account, there is a place where you can create the widget, then embed the code in a Ning text box.
  • Great work, Jack! If any of your students are interested in daily writing practice, send them my way!

    Quick question: How did you get Twitter embedded on your homepage?
  • Thank you

  • Of course.
  • I would like to have your permission to publish this at my site ?
  • Been busy lately and haven't had a chance to check out other Creators sites in Ed. much but did take a look at your BYU site briefly. Really nice design and layout. Clean. Look forward to taking a closer look. Will be glad to share class experiences. Have the Ning sites set to private until I test the waters a bit and get student feedback. Half of my students are non traditional/adult learners - I'm a bit cruel and make them jump in the Ning pool Week 1-create a page, form/join a team etc. Posting of former student art work is a big hit across the board w/students- good visual effect and not dead pfd or word files sitting in a Bb forum. It engages and excites them for sure.
  • Thanks. I have been footing the tab too.
  • I'm pretty psyched about using NIng for my online classes, so I hope the prognosis is good tomorrow as I'm footing my own tab on this. It seems that at least 50% are jazzed about the format and like it. The others ...shouldn't be taking online courses. They are just trying to double up and finish their requirements. Good luck as well. I'll keep you posted.
  • Thanks for your comment, Lynn. Sounds like you are a little bit of a lone voice... I feel a little that way too sometimes. But, I think it really works, and it creates an amazing experience for the students which is what matters most. Keep me posted on your progress.
  • after my first NIng associated class in Art Appreciaton....stay tuned.

    8 week online course. 4 Credit Art/Humanities requirement.
    I initiated the required 'Team' element...conducted 100% in Ning.

    I think well constructed but we will see... by virtue of their posted individual team response summary statements. These were my pioneers. I have 2 other classes currently using Ning for team projects that are in progress. Will share when data submerges.........I would love to take my entire class out of Blackboard and into Ning where I would do more than just flex the 'collaborative' feature. I am of course bound by certain limitations by the college I teach for. To my knowledge I am the only one using Ning. Hard to tell since I am 100% virtual since moving west to CA 4 yrs ago from NJ. I have a little bit of free rein-flex being an adjunct of good position for the past 10 years.
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