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Interested in monetizing your network through Skimlinks, but not sure exactly how it works?

Well, Skimlinks is giving you an opportunity to harness the power of the conversations happening on your network, and help make sure you're rewarded for the purchase intent that's created through your content.

Skimlinks is best suited to networks that have a product or retail focus, such as electronics, gadgets, mothering, automotive, sports and fashion, and you could be earning immediately through Skimlinks, with an easy sign up process, right inside your Ning network interface.

To get a break down of how the Skimlinks technology works, and how you can make the most of it, check out our easy Skimlinks Startup Guide, or find out out more about affiliate marketing with this simple video.

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  • Great concept, but didn't work for us.  Here is my skimlinks report.
  • Hi Amilla,

    1) SkimWords - the technology that picks up products references and brand names and turns them into links, only works in English, but SkimLinks - the technology that turns normal links into affiliate links, is agnostic of language, and we have merchants across Europe, North America with some coverage in Australasia. If you need to find merchants in a specific country, you can perform a search in the publisher interface on our site.

    2) The step by step guide was attached to this blog post - but it does not include information on how to install the code, as Ning users do not need to install the code, it is done automatically when they sign up. (I have checked your network, and it is installed)

    You can see the guide here.


    3) I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that in the context of our service - can you please elaborate on the question?

    So, if you already created an account through Ning, you did not need to create a separate account on

    I have checked your network, and Skimlinks is live. I suspect, that because of the international nature of your network, we may not be able to monetize much of the content. SkimWords won't be able to work on your network because the content is not English, but if you have normal links out to products or services available for purchase online, you should find that they are redirected through our servers on-click.

    As I mentioned earlier, you may want to run a search for specific online merchants mentioned in your content to see whether they can monetized through our service, and you can find this search feature when you log in to your Skimlinks account at


    I hope this helps, Amilla.


    Thanks for your questions.


  • Thanks for the "skimlinks do that, skimlinks do this... etc)

    But there some questions.

    1) Is there a catalog with the foreign languages that skimlinks is workable?

    2) How can we found a step by step guide (where we can get the code etc)?

    3) How we can monetize the clicks? Via paypal account? Adwords account? Prepaid card account?


    I have already activated Skimlinks but nothing works. I created an account in skimlins and i received this message:

    Thank you for applying to use Skimlinks on your site.

    As a hosted site you are able to apply for automatic approval directly from within your Ning interface. Please go to the Ning Extensions section found under Tools.

    Signing up in this manner will give you immediate access to both SkimLinks and SkimWords and requires no technical installation.

    If you have already activated Skimlinks in this way, there is nothing else you need to do! Skimlinks and Ning have done the integration work for you and SkimLinks and SkimWords are already live on your site. You should have received a welcome email from containing all the details of your Skimlinks account.



    Am I missing something here?

  • Skimlink seem to be working on my network, since I activited it on my network. It's been working very fine, but you have to be creative with all the links. They are fun to work with. Be imaginative, strech your imagination, you will get it. I use it anytime I write a text.......
  • Hi Derek,

    Thanks for your question - I had a look through our merchant list for the two you mentioned and unfortunately we do not have them live.

    However, if you were to link to a site like for example, which sells disc golf products among other things, including items from Innova, then we could affiliate that link for you. Hope that helps!


    Hi Ronald,

    Skimlinks covers a constantly growing number of Dutch merchants, which you can access when you sign up, in the publisher interface. So there's a good chance your links to Dutch merchants could be affiliated by Skimlinks!

    Thanks for your question!


  • That's a good question, Ronald. My hunch is that it may not be available in Dutch. You might want to shoot them a question here.
  • Is skimlinks active in Dutch?
  • One question I have about Skimlinks related to what merchants/merchandise might be included in the referral programs.  For example, I run two geographically-focused disc golf networks.  Members don't want to come to our site to buy "general" products and services.  However, they definitely would come to learn more about discs for sale, memberships with disc golf associations they can participate in, register for tournaments and events, etc.  


    I assume a product category as narrow as disc golf equipment, and the vendors which support the sport (Innova, Discraft, etc.) won't really be in your merchant program.  However, I wanted to at least ask.  Thanks Hannah!

  • Hi.

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  • Hello My Friends and Friends
    Grateful I got it perfectly, including possible link to put references of Skimlinks

    Much peace and grateful to you all

    Victor Passos

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