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A little over a year ago, we used a service called Open X on and, to serve our ads until we found ourselves talking to nobody when faced with a tech issue that resulted in no ads getting served. At that point, I decided to try Google Ad Manager, a free service that does the same thing (help you manage ads) as a hosted service by Google.

More than a year later (now it's called DFP Small Business, but it is essentially the same service), we continue to be very happy with the platform. It lets you manage multiple orders for multiple clients over multiple inventory locations. This is ideal for us, having two networks to manage ads on and typically having multiple campaigns under way.

The ability to manage an order includes start and end times, % of impressions and targeting by geography, language, browser, domains and much more. Also, their reporting capabilities are as solid as the rest of the Google products you may be used to, which is advantageous to you and to your clients.

All in all, DFP has become a solution that seems to meet all our needs and has been reliable in its delivery of ads since we adopted it.

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  • I have DFP running and everything works well in Firefox and Safari, but whenh I open my site in IE8 the ads do not show up. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know how to fix it?
  • Moreover, to give you more of a background on our rich media ads, they seem to jump around in the wrong spots (300x250 and 160x600) or shrink in size (300x250).  Have you ever experience this?  Thanks!
  • Hey Manny.  Thanks for the response.  Can you elaborate when you say "DFP let's u circumvent that"?  I would love to find out how to make my rich media ads behave correctly. 
  • I have had problems with this. Whenever i add the code it doesn't show upon my network. Where do you ad the code? I have been adding it to the Custom Code Box (Analytics). Many Thanks

  • Eugene, occasionally, if flash-based ads are nor adequately set up we've gotten errors while upoading creatives, but DFP let's u circumvent that (as long as your clients are OK with not getting CTR data).
  • Thanks Manny!
  • We have been with DFP for a couple years now.  They are great.  Do any of you work with ad networks that serve rich media ads?  That's where we've run into issues...
  • To enable GAM on your network, once you have Google Ad Manager enabled, you need to simply embed your tags on a Text Box. If you offer 120x600 or 160x600, you can place the text box on your right column.

    The new Design Studio opens up new options. I haven't played enough with it to say I know the steps to follow with it, b/c there's also Ad Boxes that the Design Studio allows you to create with the new themes.

  • Could you please outline the steps to get GAM working in Ning? I already use it elsewhere and have an order ready to go, I just don't know what to do within my Ning site to get the ads to deliver
  • Thanks for this helpful post, Manny.

    We've been about to go with Open X but am glad to hear about DFP and these other alternatives suggested by the other commenters.

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