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I could end the blog post there.  Do it!  Follow it, create it!  Your attitude will control your success.  If you want to be successful then you need to stick it out.  Usually the time things take off are right after you quite.  Don't miss out.


Self development is a form of motivation but not the same.  Both will help you reach the goals you should have set.  Do you want to have 5,000 members, or $10,000 a month?  I don't know, what I do know is that if you don't want it bad enough you won't get it.  


GUYS/GIRLS, there is no secret to this thing called web traffic!  It's been around forever and it takes time to master (or money to pay us masters) and if you're going to make it you are going to need to stick around.  Welcome!!! This is why I created LTCW, we need to stick together and share our successes and failures.  Things change so often and what worked 5 years ago doesn't work like it did then today.  


Keep motivated, it is going to work!

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