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3 to 4 times a year I host a Barista Exchange meet up party in different cities across the US. We have had meet ups in D.C., Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, etc. These parties are often in conjunction with a large coffee industry trade show, or barista competition and range from 100-700 attendees.By hosting meet ups, it really gives our members the chance to meet face to face, and by being a member of one feels that they are part of a larger community.One of my favorite moments was when a couple baristas from upper Michigan showed up at the D.C. bX meet up, and came up to me thanking me for hosting the event as they would have never felt comfortable just showing to a party, without the Barista Exchange connection.These events have been a big success and we often have stations set up for live sign ups and promo materials for those who have not joined to take away with them. We have done everything from simply buying a couple kegs and taking over a coffee bar, to renting out a full show venue and having bands, to an 80's theme barista prom, to throwing a party in 2 huge 51st floor suites at the palms in Las Vegas.Meet ups can be small or large, but it is a great chance for the membership of my site to interact face to face. I encourage any network creators to try a meet up and see how it goes.- Matt

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  • Whoooo!!!!! My old stomping ground! HAhahahaaaaa GO bX! Arlington,VA in the houuuuuse.

  • Nice! A goal for me is to get at least one of these going for Creators here in the Bay Area!
  • One of our events that we hosted with another coffee bar was an 80's Barista Prom here in Portland. We had over 600 people come with a live Karaoke band and dj's, was wild. Check out some of the photos.
  • I host happy hours at trade shows, as well. I have experienced that same result. The last one was in Chicago where we met up for brew and Chicago-style pizza. Good times!

    Thanks for sharing...
  • NC for Hire
    Love this!
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