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Most Ning sites have experienced fake profiles. The profile that was messing up my site and showing up in the search results was a blog post about adderal. the profile was

  1. Log into Google Webmasters Tools
  2. Select Site Configuration from the left tab.
  3. Select Crawler access from the dropdown
  4. In the Robots.txt file you should see User-agent:* underneath that Disallow:
  5. Next to Disallow place the bad link. Need a Disallow for every link (example) - Disallow: /profiles/blogs/80mg-adderall-buy-adderal
  6. Select Remove URL tab from the Crawler Access window.
  7. Select New removal request and enter the exact link (example) Link Removal Process complete.
  8. Make sure your social network search bots read the same thing as step. 5 example below

User-agent: *
Disallow: /profiles/blogs/80mg-adderall-buy-adderal
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  • @anthony 404 could also mean something called a soft dead link..linking to nowhere
  • OK, but I have over 70 pages that not found on our site that I want to removed from Google search. Do I have to add them all to the User-Agent* or deleting them in Google Webmaster is enough?
  • 404 is just a page on your network that doesn't exist maybe because you spelled it wrong.  To add what you don't want the robots to find.  Go to your dashboard and under Tools click search bots and make what ever page link disallow example below  You dont need to enter you website just everything after the .com

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /profiles/blogs/80mg-adderall-buy-adderal

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to removed some NOT FOUND page in Google Webmaster and I received the below confirmation, what does it mean.

    "For permanent removal, the page must return a 404/410, or be blocked by robots.txt or a noindex meta tag"

  • Glad I could help!
  • sweet! thank you, been stumped on this for 2 weeks now!
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