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Fellow NC's,

This is Joseph Porcelli, one of Guides here on Creators. This week, I'm spending some of my time reminding our members which feature to use when so I thought I share some of our process with you.

Have you ever noticed (or gotten frustrated) that you members will post content in the wrong features? Blogs in forums, forums in blogs, events as blogs…ring a bell?

A while back a study was conducted on our networks. One of the major observations was that there was no continuity to where our members posted and found content. To address this we've taken the following steps:

  1. We distinguished and published how each feature is best used and gave concrete examples.
  2. We used the language editor to change the names of the feature on the front page. See what it looks like.
  3. We made a presentation that quickly explains which features to use when. Feel free to use our prezi or save it and customize it for your own networks.
  4. We edited our welcome message to mention which features to use when. Here is the link on how to edit your welcome message.
  5. In our weekly broadcast messages we remind folks what feature to use when and event break out forum posts by category to reinforce how to use the forums . Here is a copy of our most recent broadcast message NFN_Broadcast.pdf
How are you teaching your members which features to use when?
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  • Hi Joseph, the prezi I have become a member.  Can I hope your prezi about blogs/forums etc in a copy and paste way.  I am looking for easy ways of doing things.  Annett

  • thank you I think this could help members use the site. Annette

  • What an exceedingly helpful post! Thank you very much.

  • I really wish that they would make the blog something that admins can restrict access to, because we use it as prime placement and for news that we want everyone to know about. If they want to do personal blogs, let 'em set one up, but elsewhere. If they want to start discussions, let 'em use the forums. That would solve the confusion partly.

    Transition San Lorenzo Valley
  • I thought the Prezi was a brilliant idea and tried to do it for our members, but it doesn't play once embedded. Did you have a work around?
  • He Paul,

    Like Ning, Jing rocks. Here is a tutorial I made a couple months on how to use it.
  • one of the other things that is easy to do and very informative is to use soemthing like JING to prepare a video that is a screen caputer of features and how touse them: Reference this post I made several weeks ago about a tutorial I prepared for our site

    I was in the same position...had new members that really did not know how to navigate the site. I found JING( freebie that lets you record a screencast and post that video. I made a tutorial and welcome video (click for link as an example). I don't know how effective it's been, but have received a coupe of comments that it helped new members know what was wehat and where to go on the site. To get more bandwidth, the cost is minimal....easy to use just takes the time to do it!!!
  • Ann Marie, I'm glad this was helpful.

  • You're welcome Nico!
  • Thanks Joseph, all very important points.
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