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There are over 90,000 social websites on Ning worldwide. As a social platform that integrates with major social tools, Ning is in a unique position to observe patterns across the entire social ecosystem. The new Ning Point of View (POV) Report examines trends in community engagement across the ever-changing social ecosystem that all inspired organizations and businesses can apply to spark change with as few as 20 people.


To read more about our findings in the Ning POV Report, check out Christina Lee's post to the Ning Blog here. Let us know what you think!


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  • Thank you for your kind comments about my network:) And thank you for the tips! I will keep them in mind as I continue to improve my network:) Actually I found it interesting that most of my members are actually from my local area... Although a few are friends, and some are members of my high school's FB page, where I have posted links to my network (because I run both, and my school has a group on my network).
  • Hi Ken-- We are working hard behind the scenes to give you and your members an awesome experience when it comes to profiles. We recently just launched the ability to post status updates directly from the Main page. While this doesn't exactly relate to the profiles page, it's a step in the right direction! I invite you to check out Ning's Product Roadmap if you're interested in seeing changes and upcoming updates we're making to the Ning Platform.


    Hi Janettee!


    Thanks for your comments about The Ning POV. People in larger metropolitan areas, such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are used to gathering in communities online, or it's a concept that's been more widely adopted. Sharing information online is more of a natural action as well in these areas. That said, great services like Facebook and Twitter are showing people that it's okay and safe to share information online, and that there are actually safe places on the internet where you can do this!


    That said, this just may mean that you're a trendsetter for Oklahoma :) You have a wonderful community, and rest assured, that as people become more (or, evenmore) comfortable sharing online, this will mean more activity and participation within your community!


    Educating and providing information to your members about online etiquette, community rules, and what you're doing to keep members safe online only helps to reinforce why people should join and contribute to your community.

    @MD -- Glad we could provide you with interesting data. A lot of [online] services surface interesting statistics. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • I took a look at the diagrams found here, and noticed a correlation with something a local social media firm told me. She mentioned that the state I live in (Oklahoma) is light-years behind everyone else, and that if I were in, say, New York or something this would likely take off like a rocket, but I may have a much harder time because I live in Oklahoma. Based on the diagram, that may be true:(
  • Some good food for thought in this report. 


    Interesting that NING profiles are one of the top 5 features.  Shame that NING does not put more effort into improving the feature set for NING Profiles.





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