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NC for Hire

The New Ning Creators Network has been created by Ning, to enable Ning Network Creators to meet and share, everything from Ning Networking Tips, SEO, to Best Practices & Lessons Learned.This is also a great place to share our professional ideas for future platform features, offer our voices of experience, and to share our thoughts on current platform features - - hopefully in a gracious and reasonable manner.We all want this to be a place where we feel a "positive" force and presence, from all of our fellow Ning Network Creators, as individuals, and as a Team of Professionals and Friends.Some of us met way back on the original Network Creators Site, and some of us met on the GetSatisfaction site, and a lot of us have experienced both. The vision for this Network is to regain the positive, and truly helpful atmosphere, that we all enjoyed on Ning Network Creators.The future of the New Ning Creators:This is a place for positive, constructive, upbeat, and helpful information - - shared and enjoyed by all. This should not be a place for negative and destructive attitudes, period. It's so rewarding and actually fun, to be involved with a Network like this, when you know you're going to bump into a smiling face. It should be no different than bumping into a professional colleague or friend on the street. If you see someone who always has a complaint and a snarl, do you go back for more? Probably not. So, with that said, hoping we can all work together as an unspoken special Team of Ning Enthusiasts, to build and keep this Network, into the most positive, and awesome place, Ning Network Creators could only dream about in the recent past. ;-)If you think this post has a little too much "sugar-on-the-top", I'm not suggesting anyone should rollover and play dead -- trust me, not my style, LOL. However, and I'm very sincere when I say: I do hope we can offer our thoughts in a professional and positive way. ;-)Welcome to everyone! It's great to see old friends, and to meet new friends. I can't wait to see everyone!Jen

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  • NC for Hire
    Ha ha! I had to come back and read my own post! I can definitely get a little snippy at times. I'm happy!
    Happy weekend everyone!
  • I like the new feel of Ning. I like the ease of grabbing the tools you need to get your work done in a proficient manner. These important elements are direct results of teamwork with an upbeat attitude to do things right. You can't build anything worth while that is spawned out of negativity. Good article!
  • thanks to the new link for the first timers on the main page, I read this post just now.

    Kudos Jen, I think the positive vision you have set for this community is really being nurtured and lived up to. I, personally, couldn't have asked for a better forum with better a attitude.

    What I really like here is the openness in the community, where I can ask any question, basic/silly/naive, without any inhibition and be confident no one is going to make fun of me. I really appreciate the pains some of the guides/creators take to dig out the old threads which have already dealt with the particular issue or put the effort to actually write a code.

    If this comment of mine puts this blog back in recent activity, I think it will serve the purpose of gently reminding all of us the vision of this community..
  • NC for Hire
    Thanks Robert and Pinoy NC!

    Andy! So great to see you again!

    It definitely feels like "being back home", doesn't it? ;-)

    Time for a Group Hug! ;-)
  • I can't tell you how happy I am to find this New NNC site. I felt so out of the loop when the original was shut down.
    Thanks Ning & Jen.
  • Your the best ...
  • NC for Hire
    Thanks. Couldn't agree more.
  • NC for Hire
    LOL - - thanks for the vote of confidence. ;-)
  • Nominates Jen to be hired at ning :]
  • NC for Hire
    Thanks Jenny! I appreciate you checking it out. ;-)
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