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What do you see as the next phase in your community's lifecycle?

A Big Positive Hi There - to the new Ning Team and my Ning Creator comrades from New Delhi, India.

It's 1:10 am and I just can't stop loving you!

I heard a slight bumble bee buzz, it was like a small Ning tinggg... and so I though of putting in my long forgotten requests which were highlighted in the Community Spotlight interview by the Ning Team  Allison Leahy on August 12, 2013

Here is the link of that interview:

I had proposed/requested two things:

1.Live  Audio Recording Feature

2. Multiple Sign In Feature

Here is an Excerpt of the interview:

What do you see as the next phase in your community's lifecycle?

1. We really need an Audio recording feature, hooked in to all the other features.

2. And a multiple network sign-in feature for our managed Ning networks, as well as signing-up, and collaborating with other Ning networks.

Let me explain how and why:

  *   Co-Promotion: Collectively, all Ning communities together are bigger than Facebook. For, numbers is just a game. Money and Time Investing Leaders are the ones who can create more value, because they are the risk takers. And Ning has many of them. A Ning Community Owner is like a Thought Leader of Ning. Put all these leaders together, and ask them to organize, and collaborate databases, content, community welfare work and their commercial ventures. That's the next phase, or the next level of social networking that we wish to initiate. If just four of our networks are conjoined, to begin with, just a single Ning sign up, that would be a test run for many more.

  *   Constant Progressive Communication Through Technology: What if all content uploads on blogs, images, etc. are not just written content, but responses in either audio or video formats as well. That would be the next level, of communication. Technology drives communication, and communication drives technology. The importance of developments in Electronic Devices must be understood by New Media, and Community Creators like Ning, and Facebook. Uploading audio responses, instead of text comments is the next level of communication that the world audiences are near-ready to use. Hope Ning Research and Development is aware of the progressive human mindset, and will remain ahead.


I had purchased 4 ning networks at the time of that interview. And now am planning to reactivate the third one.

I find the ning plans expensive and unreasonable and might have to just stick to two or a singular network and move my other sites to weebly, etc.

Can the current programming and marketing teams please understand a ning creators dilemma, and help us through this?

Best wishes,

Shamshir Rai Luthra

India's First Radio Jockey, Consumer Activist, Voice Healer

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for raising those questions, and sharing your ideas once again. We are really pleased our customers are full of enthusiasm and have lots of ideas that could help us both to develop the best website creating platform.
    Both your suggestions were copied and carefully delivered to the management, once they would make any decision regarding implementation of the features you described I'll make a post here on creators.

    Best regards,
    Ning Team.
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