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NC for Hire

I have to say, I couldn't be happier with the interaction Team Ning has given, on the new Creators Network! It's been a while since I felt so connected with Ning and fellow Network Creators - - and most of all, "heard".I hope fellow NCs feel the same. I see Team Ning jumping in, continuously, to address our concerns, answer our questions, and ask our thoughts and opinions. Even Gina has offered a helping hand.Thanks Team Ning!I think the new Creators Network is fantastic. And, I want to thank you for creating this network.Best Regards,Jen

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  • NC for Hire
    Thank you for your kind words Garfield! But most of all, thank you for giving me a fantastic laugh. I needed that. The green "N" falling off the profile pic, really got me tickled. Funny stuff!
  • NC for Hire
    They are pretty good but I think you are just as good if not better. I think those who are able to appreciate are worthy of being appreciated and your contribution here pepper the forums like a waiter sprinkling a plate with a pepper corn grinder. You participate like someone who had their green N fall off their profile pic. Sorry for taking this off topic :-).
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