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3.0 Hide Items When Signed In

What if you have items on your 3.0 site which are there to attract and entice a new visitor, but you don't need/want them to show to an existing member?  Things like a testimonial, "about us" video, other banners or sliders?  You can hide them all to a signed in member (which allows more true content to be viewed) inserting a "class" in each and using one custom code to hide them all.  Note:  This only works if the items are in a HTML/text box - not if in the above-header area.

Place the following in front of your HTML code.  It gives a "class name" to whatever content is placed between the <div>

<div class="hideit">

Place this in your Custom Code area.  It will hide anything that has the "hideit" class:

<!-- Hidden areas when signed in -->
<script type="text/javascript">
if (ning.CurrentProfile != null)
<!-- end hidden areas when signed in -->

I have learned soooo much since being with Ning and I cannot thank all the generous Ning Creators enough.  I try to pay it forward in whatever small way I can.  Hat tip on this one to SweetPotato when he helped me "hide" my slider when a member is signed in.  This has opened up many more ideas for me (and believe me, I'm not a coder!)  I don't think this is any big design secret that I'm giving away here but to a schlep like me, it's gold!  *lol*

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  • Great tip Kos! We're working on a visibility option that will let you do this and other things easily; we're hoping to release that next week.

    • Awesomeness!!!3229942?profile=original

    • +1

  • I personally love this hack!

  • NC for Hire

    Nice tip, Kos.


    • It's a simple tidbit but I was excited.  LOL  Miss seeing your smiling avatar Jen!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season - and all of the best in 2014.

      • NC for Hire

        Thanks, Kos. And to you, too! I regret not being able to help out much these days, family illness and work. But, always moving forward...


  • Awesome Tip Kos, thanks for sharing :)

  • Great tip Kos. Blessings.

  • Will this work in Ning 2.0 ? Or is there anything similar i can do for ning 2.0? 

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