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So I started to let a few people join my site and I asked them to post content.

I watched their process and realised most people want to begin blogs, photos, videos from their member page. Yes its good to go to the community section but this is how a good majority of my people was thinking. So instead of fighting it I figured go with it. So I decided to add a Link Bar in their member profiles so they could get to the add Blogs, add Discussion, add Videos pages and then BAM!!!! I hit the wall.

Adding Photos is a totally different process from a developer point of view. Every other section you have to input info into the website, but Photo's are uploaded via a form.


Ok so, I tried to easily copy the code from the Photos page that gives you the little  "+" sign and BAM!! IT does not work.

So right now I can get the pic files to be seleected from my hardrive, but there is some element that is making the form go once a file is selected.


The Question

I know you might say NO but, can I have the code that will allow me to Upload a photo via the wording + Add Photo. Or at least by the "+" icon?

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  • I would love to let my users upload pics, videos, tag somebody in their video, and pic, add a background image to their status message, etc just like facebook. I think that will also make it easier for them. 

    • I think that would be a great addition. As Facebook has been doing this for years now. We still cant @ our friends at least in a comment section. This too would be a simple way to increase activity.

      I was just reminded today that we still cant make albums and slideshows of our favorite photos. A little sad to me but Im not going to knit pick as NING is working.

      • Hi there!

        Just to make sure, as I have noticed something that looks like the new suggestion :-), as far as I have understood you wish to have the ability to put the slideshow of the photos that you have liked to the profile page?

        The reason why I'm asking is because you can create the slideshow, from the categories of photos, the only problem is that your members would be able to add that category as well and the control of the slideshow won't be fully in your hands (unless you will be able to monitor all the photos in slideshow 24/7).

        Best regards,

        Ning team.

        • I dont remember how a album was handled on 2.0 but it was a front end element with an embed. Not a backend element only the admin can do. I say this because what if a blogger wanted to put a slideshow of pictures to and event in his blog. He has to upload one by one to the blog and still upload the pics to the regular pic section. I wish he could maybe use Tags to create slide shows.. Cause yes to control a Categorie all the time would never work as your site grew. But a tag might.

          And wait, I like how you ignored the main topic of this Post. Can I have an answer for that? Some sort of code would help..

          • Hi there!

            Well, I have two ideas how the photos could be added to the profile page, if I have some spare time in teh future I'll research both of them in order to see whether it's possible to integrate that button in some way.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

            • OK thanks a lot

  • I tried a similar thing some time back but behind those buttons is a form to activate the photo add form. When you have selected the photos the code will look for the photo page for it to add them too, this is why by just adding the buttons to add photos it does not work. The way it's written is it must have a photo page to add them too. You best bet is just to add a button on the profile page which will open the photo page much like clicking on the photos tab in the navbar, at least that way your members have an inclining that they need to go to the photos page to add them.

    With regards to photo albumns I have been asking for them to be added for years, seems odd that these are not here as standard as it's one of the most used basic items on all social platforms.

    • Thanks John. I figured that would have to be my only choice for right now.

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