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In the past when I ran a full member network the most common questions I got asked were how to add a photo or edit a photo, same for forums blogs etc, so here is a litttle tip which helps make those stand out.

In the design studio there is an option to be able to turn of or on the text label for these and this tip will work for both but I do prefer the text label ticked. Below is where you will find this and also two examples of how the code looks. Again you can changes the colours as required by editing the code.

How to find the text label

Examples of after the code has been added.

With Text Label

Without Text Label

Code used for this, it's all css so just add it to your custom css section.

.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic { border:none;border-color:transparent;border-radius:50px;font-size:1em;color:white }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic .icon{ vertical-align:middle;height:auto; }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic.feature-button { background-color:royalblue; }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic[title="Edit"] { background-color:red; }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic[title="Add Discussion"] { background-color:green }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic[title="Add Blog Post"] { background-color:green }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic[title="Add Article"] { background-color:green }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic #photoupload .button.button-iconic{ background-color:green}
/*Hover colour for all of them*/
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic:hover,.linkbar.linkbar-iconic #photoupload .button.button-iconic:hover{background-color:darkblue;color:white}

Some new code below for the Feature button. The first part is just some additional css so that when you are veiwing something that is featured then it just adds the letter d so the button reads Featured rather than still Feature. It just makes it a little clear that it has already been featured and also changes it colour background to reflect this.

The second part is some custom code to go in the custom code end pf page box. What this does is just change the tool tip text when you hover over the button.

.linkbar.linkbar-iconic { background-color:sienna; }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic { background-color:darkblue; }
.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .icon-feature:after{content:"d";display:inline-block }

And the custom code to add to your site&pages end of page box, this is optional ( do not copy this line with the code )

x$('.linkbar.linkbar-iconic').hover(function() {
x$(this).attr('title','Click To Un-Feature This');
x$('.linkbar.linkbar-iconic .button.button-iconic.feature-button:not(.linkbar.linkbar-iconic').attr('title','Click to Feature This');

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  • nice!

    • Thanks Martin :-)

  • NC for Hire

    nice work Bizzzz!

    • Thanks JF :-)

  • Hey there. How can I add a rainbow background picture to the buttons? 

    • Hi there!

      As you may see in the code the color is used as the background (in the code it looks like this background-color:green ). Since the browser cannot generate the rainbow in an easy way, it would be easier to use the rainbow background image instead of teh color in order to get the result you are looking for. So instead of the background-0color property, you should use  background-image, in such you should replace teh code I have mentioned in the first sentence with background-image: url("LinkToYourRainbowBackground"). Where LinkToYourRainbowBackground should be replaced with an image of teh rainbow that you are willing to use the background for your button.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Thanks for this - I was just about to ask that very question!  Have had complaints that just having  a big plus sign, floating free from the column it applies to, is seriously counter-intuitive.

This reply was deleted.



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