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This tip will allow you to add a widget to any page which will check against your events and display events that are in the current month and if none will let your members know there are no events so far for this month. It's easy to add and will show you how below. You will also see a couple of images showing how it's displayed.

You can also see it working on my sites homepage here:

NOTE: This works only on an event page that is named events, if you have named your something else you can edit the part in bold to change it if required.


With events for the month

And the display with no events

Here is how to set it up

1. Go to your Social Site Manager Then Pages

2. Choose a page where you want to add the widget

3. Select Add Content

4. Select content type to events

5. Add this as the title IMPORTANT:  eventsMonthWidget

6. Display: set to titles

7. From: upcoming events

8. Show: 1

9. Length: 250

Then click the Add button and it will appear on the page. Click and hold to move it to where you want it then Save the page. Once the page is saved you can then add the code below.

Example of the setup, note I chose Display as detail but Titles is better. It doesn't matter which you choose

First we add a little CSS to our design studio custom css section. By the way if you want the module header a different colour than royal bluse just change the module header colour and the module name colour to what you want.

/*Widget Sections reveal dates and location*/
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-detail{
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-details ul:nth-child(1) > li:nth-child(1),
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-details ul:nth-child(1) > li:nth-child(2),
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-details ul:nth-child(1) > li:nth-child(3){

/* Style the widget */

.eventsMonthWidget .media-frame.eventPage-details > .eventPage-image{
.eventsMonthWidget .media-frame > .eventPage-image{
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-details .entry-title > a{
.eventsMonthWidget .eventPage-details .entry-title > a:hover{
.eventsMonthWidget .module-header{
background-color:royalblue; border-radius:6px 6px 0px 0px
.eventsMonthWidget .module-name{
.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .media-frame {
margin-bottom: 15px; border:none


Next we need to add some custom code and this goes in the custom code end of page section via the Social Site Manager

Note: remember this was set up for the default name of the page being called Events. If your is different then edit the events name seen in bold.

/*Events Month List Widget Code, John Bizley 13-04-2019*/
x$('.eventsMonthWidget .module-name').text('Events This Month').show();
x$('.eventsMonthWidget .module-body').html('<h1 class="eventsMonthWidget-updating">Updating...</h1>');
x$('.eventsMonthWidget .module-body').load("/events .eventListPage .entry .media-frame.eventPage-details", function(){
var WidgetClass = x$('.module-name:contains(eventsMonthWidget)').closest('.section-eventBundle').addClass('eventsMonthWidget');
var monthsDisplay = ['January','February','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December'];
var months = ['Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec'];
var now = new Date();
var month = months[now.getMonth()];
var monthDisplay = monthsDisplay[now.getMonth()];
var monthselector = ".section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget ul:nth-child(1) > li:nth-child(2) > a:nth-child(1):contains("+ month +")";
var monthClass = x$(monthselector).closest('.media-frame').addClass(month);
var presentMonth = monthClass;
var notThisMonth = x$('.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .media-frame');
var eventsPresentCount = presentMonth.length;
if(eventsPresentCount <=0){
x$('.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .module-name').text('No Upcoming '+monthDisplay+' Events');
}else if(eventsPresentCount === 1){
x$('.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .module-name').text(' '+monthDisplay+' ('+eventsPresentCount+') Event');
x$('.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .module-name').text(' '+monthDisplay+' ('+eventsPresentCount+') Events');
x$('.section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .module-footer > a.pull-right').text('View All Events');
x$('.column-narrow .section-eventBundle.eventsMonthWidget .module-name').css('text-align','center');
x$('.eventsMonthWidget .span6.narrow16.tablet16.mobile16').hide();


That's it, coming next will be how to style the actual events page list to help seperate the events by month.


Bizz :-)

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