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The problem with image based navigation is that it will weigh your site down tremendously because everytime the page loads, it has to make a http: request for each and every image.  A solution that i have found is to combine a little Jensocial floating navigation goodness with pure HTML character codes which you can find here:

To the right you see a floating sidebar for quick links to various parts of the sites..tiny calls to action, which I can't remember if I developed or found somewhere along the line..its been so long.

Today, however, I decided to try something different, a little hack to the previous version and replace all of these icons with simply HTML character codes which represent symbols.  At the link above you can switch out any symbols that you like from the attached code and do the same for you ning if you like.  Not only will it speed up your site, but it will also do the same trick as before but in a lighter fashion.

HTML unicode symbols look something like this:

  = ✌

Place the following code into your custom code box, replace YOURNING with your own site and enjoy.  See it in action while it lasts on Land Surveyors United.

TIP: for best results, use Jen's HTML editor after formatting your links so that you know it will layout properly on your ning site.

<div style="border: 2px solid black; xg-p: fixed; bottom: 65px; left: 4px; width: 18px; text-align: center; color: #cccccc; background-color: #666666;"><a href=""><big style="color: white;">✍</big></a> <br style="color: white;" /> <a href=""><big style="color: white;" title="Add a topic in News">✎</big></a><br style="color: white;" /> <a href=""><big style="color: white;" title="Add a discussion in the Forum">➫</big></a><br style="color: white;" /> <a href=""><big style="color: white;">⍝</big></a><br style="color: white;" /> <a style="color: white;" title="Add a video" href=""><br /> <big style="color: white;"><big>❒</big></big></a><br style="color: #cccccc;" /> <a href=""><big style="color: white;"><big>⌚</big></big></a><br style="color: white;" /> <a href=";page=1"><span style="color: white;">✉</span></a><br /></div>


on JSFiddle

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