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I just thought I would like to make you aware that the new video feature for the list page and in the detail page that it is using the classes of the photos page. Why is this an issue ? Well if you are not into adding any code at all then it's not but if you are adding CSS or Custom code then it is a big issue as any code you add for the photos page will affect your video page.

For instance

let's suppose you are targetting this and added some style against this class or running custom code against it. Ok no worries as it's just targetting the photoListPage-entry right ? Not anymore!

.matrix-itemFluid .photoListPage-entry

The videos list page is using the photoListPage classes to layout the video list page, here is an example of a video entry in the video page

.matrix-itemFluid .photoListPage-entry

No you are not seeing things they are exactly the same, so whatever you may have added for the photos page using this class then it WILL affect your video list page as well.

Ok what about just using the ,matrix ? nope can't do that either as it's shared.

Ok let's go up further up the dom of the Video page to get to the class for the videoListPage. Nope can't do that either as there is no class for the videoListPage.

The only way you are going to be able to target just your photo page is now you will have to make sure you add the class .photoListPage into your code before all your CSS adjustments so it's different from the videos list page.

Here are two example images showing the code for both



Well we can get around this so that any code you add for the video will only affect them and also any video pages in groups. What we need to do is add a class to the main body then we can target the video page from the body down.

So for instance if we add a class to the body of videoPage we can then do this

.videoPage .matrix-itemFluid .photoListPage-entry{ code }

So no matter what the page name is for the video page it will work for them all. Of course if you want a different style for a certain video page you can still do so like this ( if page was called animal videos )

.page-animal-videos .videoPage .matrix-itemFluid .photoListPage-entry{ code }

So how do we do this ? Well we need a little custom code to add some classes to our body. We are going to add the same class to the video list page and the video detail page. The video detail page does have some classes in it which helps so we can use the same class on both pages.

Add to your custom code in site&pages

//Add Class To Body For Video Pages
x$('.videoListPage-metadata, .videoDetailPage').closest('body').addClass('videoPage');


Well hope that may help you if you are finding issues with and code or css.


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