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Hi Creators!

I'm redesigning the look of my network and the concept looks like this:

I kinda like it but I was wandering if it's possible to Hide the Canvas on the header section when entering cerain pages, for instances My Page (the user's profile page)

cause you get something like this:

and you get two headers..

Any ideas on how to do it? :D

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  • NC for Hire

    At first thought, if you were to inject a style sheet into the footer of Group Pages which override the CSS and not diplay header on those pages, it should work..

    • JF what if he were to load his "header" image into the below header HTML box and then just hide that with a little CSS for the desired pages?  I'm headed out the door but that's what popped into my head.........thoughts?


  • Yes it could be done, a small bit of script would have to be written to add a class to the body of the pages you want to hide it from then you would add a little css to set the min height of the header to 0px and remove the site-nameLogo part. You would not want to remove all the header as you would need the nav bar to stay put else the user would not be able to navigate away to somewhere else.

    On some pages it would be just a matter of using a little css but for the members page / profile page the page name is shared with the members list so a new class would be needed.

    For instance a photos page is just a photos page so you could just use the page name as the body class would already be set for that so that would look something like this just using css

    .page-photos .site-header{ min-height:0px!important }

    .page-photos .site-nameLogo{ display:none }

    But because the members page is the same as the members list page a class would be needed to be added to the body once it has looked at the page wether it's the members list page or not. The reason for the class is because css can only go down the page and not look up and because the site header is above the main content we would need to look at the content below it to determine if it's a profile page then use jquery to go up and add the class to the body and then we can write the relevent css much the same as the photos css demo above.



  • Thank you all for your amazing suggestions :D

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