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This has been so for a long time. It used to not be that way on Ning 2 sites. I have brought it to the attention of Ning but been told that it is the way it is. There are problems with this....

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  • The main problem is Moderation.

    If a site owner does not check members pages, then the site owner cannot moderate site content. A member could be sharing ANYTHING on their profile page and the site owner or moderator would have no clue. Child porn, beheading videos, hate speech, anything could be shared on member's Profile pages and it would fly completely under the radar. All the member has to do is be completely silent on site except for their profile page activity and then they could use that profile page as a link to interested parties off site..and they could have literally anything going on and being innocently hosted by the site.


    It is a very BAD idea to have material that cannot be moderated because it is invisible unless a site owner checks all profiles regularly. Can you not see the problem with this Ning?


    Thank you for reading.

    • Hello Anam!

      You are completely right, such functionality may possibly cause issues to the network owner. I will talk to our Product Team to see what can be done, but meanwhile, I am afraid we have to rely on the members that can report inappropriate content to the administrators. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

      • I reported this 6 months ago here and much earlier in private mails. I had my members spammed recently by another member promoting some kind of pyramid scheme posting contact info on their pages. The only way I found out about it was when people asked me how to close their account because of spam. There could be spammers posting snuff porn or child abuse images on peoples pages and I would never know because of this RIDICULOUS shortfall. Comments on members pages MUST link to Latest Activity feed for the purposes of moderation. Otherwise any site owner could be liable to prosecution for hosting profane and illegal material on their site or for foisting it through no fault of their own onto members pages.


        I am very cross about this!

        It must be fixed.

  • Been trying to figure a way around this but nothing as yet. The only option I came up with so far is adding a general comment wall from the network content side as this Does get display in the activity, although the member does not get a message via email. You could problably filter the other comments out that are not about that member so they only see the messages directed at them.

    • Hi Bizz,

      Thank you for commenting, you are kind.

      I think this is a serious safeguarding issue and I cannot understand why it is not being addressed seriously and quickly. 

      Your option is a bit beyond my technical skill. I just think the problem should be fixed. There could be anything being posted on members pages. Terrible.

  • This issue continuing to be ignored...

This reply was deleted.

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