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  • NC for Hire

    If you are on Ning 2.0, you'll go to while logged in as creator account.

    I do not believe the digest has been enabled for 3.0 yet but i could be wrong about that..

    hope this helps
  • This is for Ning 3.0

    • Hi there!

      For 3.0 network, just go to the members management tab, and choose email setting. There you will see the option to enable email digest.

      Here is the link to the help center article that could be useful for you

      Please let us know if you have any other questions related to the email digest.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      P.S. The link shared by ⚡JFarrow will work as well, just don't forget to change to your network's address.

      • I tried i it, but looks digest is not going out.

        • Hi there!

          I'm sorry to hear this but before I could report this issue to the tech team could you please confirm that the email digest hasn't appeared in your spam folder, also please tell do you have such issue with the other email notification sent from your network.

          Looking forward to hearing from you.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • I two questions on this topic.

            1. How can we choose the digest as a default for all members?
            2. What time is the digest set to be sent on our networks? 11am  10pm?


            • Hi there!

              Thanks for the questions.

              Unfortunately, only members can choose on which basis they would like to receive notification - instantly or daily. If you wish to inform them about the email digest I could suggest you adjusting the text that is displayed in each email on the bottom by using the language editor. For example, instead of "To control which emails you receive on Ning Creators Social Network, go to:" you can use something like this "To control which emails you receive on Ning Creators Social Network or to change emails frequency, go to:" so if your members are not satisfied that they are receiving too many notifications they would see that it's also possible to change the frequency of them. Maybe it's not the most noticeable place, but let's took me for example when I see lots of messages from one place they just start to annoy and the first thing that I have in my mind is to unsubscribe completely. As I know any service (genuine one) providing the link to unsubscribe, in our case it would lead to the member's profile email settings. I'm just talking about myself so there could be different cases with other people but if somebody would tell me just before that unsubscribe link that I could reduce the email frequency most likely I would read the email that has been sent (as for some reason I have signed up to the service probably there was and still is something interesting for me) and most likely I would choose the second option.

              Regarding the second question, as we haven't changed that functionality since the acquisition of the platform I have pulled up old documentation made by previous developers and it was written there that the digest got sent on random time, so a bit of research is needed I have activated email digest on several networks and when I would receive some results I will inform you what I have been able to find out, but few days are needed to perform the proper testing unfortunately.

              Best regards,

              Ning Team.

              • I get what you are saying. Thank you for the research on what time the daily messages will be sent. I turned it on with my network also to see the effects.

              • mine was 8pm. Thanks

                • Hi there!

                  All digests that I have received today have been sent on midnight by GMT. I'll keep monitoring the time digest get sent, however as both digests have been sent at the same time I do suppose it's getting sent by the system when the new day starts in Greenwich, UK. Also, the networks I have tested are located on different servers and have different time settings.

                  I would also check the emails tomorrow to make sure that it's sending digests at the same time each day.

                  Best regards,

                  Ning Team. 

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