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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, there is no way to restore the deleted page.

    You can only recreate it. Please, use the Social Site Manager for this.

    Go to the Site&Pages and click +Add page button. Note, the page type should be Custom.

    Best regards,

    Customer Support 

  • If it's not too late you could try a google casche search, (archives) and see if it comes up with the original page.
    If it comes up with your page then you can "Save page" and save it to your computer. Then do a little editing on it, (HTML edit) and then go back to your site, Edit your home page or make a new one and copy/paste the HTML code into it from your computer.


    • I just tried a google archive search based on the name you posted here but nothing was found, sorry.
      Give it a try to see what you find.


  • Can you not go into the design studio then go to theme history and select an earlier date, that should do it

  • Thanks everyone. I created new homepage.

This reply was deleted.



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