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Hi there,

Create content that is gold, and engaging our members, is the most important thing on the internet today. What we have to encourage our members to do things on the site?
Thinking as a user, the site is boring, has no challenges. No tools to encourage to do anything. As creators of content, we have to think. Why the member will return? Create content that is relevant, which is of great value for the member. It is our duty to create something new as content writers. But we need tools that stimulate the action of the member, as reward for goals achieved. Make they spend time on our Network.

I have asked to create a reward system for member actions. Earn points by sharing, commenting like. I asked In the beginning of the year,
by the time, was said that it would be done. How's it going? Will happen? When?

When we will have tools to play on another level?

Hope to hear good news...

Lets grow together.

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  • NC for Hire

    nice post!

  • Hi there!

    As I have mentioned in comment to this post would be possible to release it only when the necessary system would be completed however the paid access has higher priority so it would come first after it, you could expect the members ranking system.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Hi Kyryl, How you doing?

           I understand that you want to help us. So far when some one from Ning says it will be take care, sound like it may take about 2 or 3 years time. I have been on Ning for the past few years, since 2009 I gues. Nothing really change, Make to update from Ning 2 for Ning 3 was I big mistake, and I quit my first website.

         When I saw that, Ning has a new time working on it, I came back. I have been paying for the Social Network, but did not really launch it.

      W   as said that rewards points would come. So if it going to take severals months to happen, would be nice to get to know, cause the entire idea for my site depend on it. So I could decide to let it go and get my life back, or try to find some other way.
         The big problem is that you make sound like it's going to be soon, but a year pass by. When I date it set, never comes in time. 

         Ning Has a paid access in the past. Did not work out. This is important, but that would be a big help for us now? Does the Ning Member, really has a content that would worse to get paid subscribe right now? Every body is so discourage right now.

          The entire point here is, how hard is to get to know when things is going to happen? If really is going to happen?  Is there A problem? Ning must be the only company in the world, that is not able to make 3rd part integration with Facebook app works. Why? Why do not respect deadlines? Why you can not fix problems?


      • Hi there!

        Paid access would help for sure, why are we so sure about it, basically because when we are getting contacted by the prospective customers, the third part of it is looking for the service with ability to charge for the membership and I think if they are looking for something like they have content that worth selling, also we have been receiving lots of requests to add this feature from existing members. According to the statistics of the feature requests, only https encryption had more votes.

        Regarding your questions about Member Ranking System (MRS), as I have described in the comment link to which I have mentioned before ranking system requires rework of one system that controls permissions to network's content, and it should be finished first of all. At this very moment, our tech department is recalculating the time that we would have to spend in order accomplish this system based on the made and planned changes to the permissions system. Like I have been informed by the management in one week we can shed some light on the MRS system, but at this point, the deadline cannot be provided, unfortunately.

        Such a delay is caused by the lack of human resources, and unfortunately, we are not able to create all the new systems just at once.

        Apologies for any inconveniences.

        Sincerely yours,

        Ning Team.

        • Hi Kyryl,

              I believe Ning will be a very strong platform with all the new factures working.  And it will make us able to start create new ways of entertaining our members. Will be great.

             Please, let me know, when you have a final date for us,  about rewards system.

          I waiting anxiously.....

          • Hi Fabricio,

            Sure, I'll keep you updated here on creators. In order not to forget I have made several notes in different places to make sure.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

          • Hi Fabricio,

            Update regarding the member ranking system (further, in the text I will call it MRS). 

            MRS would be based on points earning.

            Members would be receiving points for creating/posting content on the network like forum posts, blog posts, photo, videos etc. 

            Also, the members would be receiving points for the time they are on the network. As an example members would receive points if they have an account for more than one year etc.

            There also would be several other ways to earn points which could be enabled by NC for example for the constant activity, number of likes, views etc. But these points earning ways won't be available in early versions of MRS.

            Regarding the way how this points could be spent. The member would be able to get badges and signatures to their avatar, access to closed groups (for example there could be a group the access to which would be granted only to the members with the special achievements), free access to the paid content (this achievement won't be available at the early stages), also there would be achievement that would allow member to have the access to the certain functionality other members don't have access to.  

            All the settings of the achievements would be set by the network creator. There would be several default achievements and the ability to create your own, and in case if it would be necessary to provide some members with the privileges granted by specific achievement network creator would be able to do this manually if necessary without the necessity to earn points.

            Most likely there would be a separate tab in the dashboard for all these purposes.

            Best wishes,

            Ning Team.

            • NC for Hire

              Sounds very promising... thank you for the update Kyryl

            •    Hi Kyryl,

                  This is great. It is wonderful. This give us a new world of possibilities to work on. I would say that could be a revolution on how make things. Thanks for let us know.

                  Do you have any ideia when it comes up?

              Love it...

              • Hi Fabricio, Justin, and Javier

                We are glad to know that you have liked how it would be working. 

                Regarding the estimate, right now we are concentrated on delivering the features that we have promised to release in Q3, I do suppose that the intensive work on it would start in Q4 but the exact information would be provided in a Q4 plan that would be posted as usual in Announcements area as usual.

                Best wishes,

                Ning Team.

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