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On our Home page (set in 3 column format) we have added a a link at the bottom of the page in the center column that takes members to a Group hub. What we see displayed are icons that will take a member to that group when they click on the Icon that represents that group. The Icons are too darn big. Is there away to make them display smaller?


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  • PS: What we'd like would be if we could get it to look like it did on our old Ning2.0 website.

    Like this:

    • Yes can do that as well for you Steve

    • Something Like This Steve ?

      By the way all you groups could look like this if you wanted, ie like the groups list on your homepage etc

      jr-images is a social network
      • That looks good. If it doesn't work as expected I assume the code can be tweaked.



        • Yes it can and is easy enough to do but of course can help. I will pop up the code a bit later and all the instructions you will need to adjust the sizes etc, it's purely css so nothing major.

  • Yes there is a way, I will write something up for you. By the way is it just the icons( ie the images ) that are too big or do you want make each of the group box's smaller so you say get three across rather than two ?

    • The box (icon scaled to match the box size).



  • Hi Steve, I have been working on some options and will post some code once I have got all the parts ready for you but here is a sample using your images on my test groups showing a smaller size, they can be made smaller or bigger in the code easy enough so you can always change it to what you need once you have it on your site.

    Here is a link to my home page which is a three column the same as yours, i added the groups at the top so you can see them, also this will change the size in the groups hub as well so if you go there you can see that too. By the way I am working on the layout to try and get the groups hub showing as you wanted like the Ning 2

    It will also change them in your members pages as well, here is a link to my page then just click on the groups tab to see them

    jr-images is a social network
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