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The 3rd part on Ning 3.0 each  is responsible for the comment box, and sharing button. Does not work.

About few years ago I left Ning for that problem. I am back now and this is not working.

it is a coincidence? or this has not worked for years?

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  • I've complained about it several times.  Still, we wait................

  • I don't know that it ever actually worked.

  • idk how any company runs a platform for "social networking" and doesn't implement it PROPERLY.  It's just insane..............and sad.

  • This reply was deleted.

    • I can't belive it. It's all about "Social Network"  How the basic it's not working for so long? Why, why, Why...?

      • Hi there,

        I'm not sure, have you noticed my comment under another post regarding the Facebook that you have created so I would copy paste it here as well:


        Hi there,

        Here are some steps that would help you to create the app that would be accepted by the network? however, you should use it only for comments

        1) Please follow this link to Facebook
        2) Please press "+Add New app" at the top right corner of the screen
        3) Onn the next screen, you should choose the name of the app, for example, you can use your network's name or something else, it doesn't matter just depends on what name would be more convenient for you in order to manage another app you have? and don't forget to enter contact email address, and press "Create App id"
        4) After you have filled the captcha at the left side of the screen you will see the menu? please press "Settings" button.
        5) On the next screen you will see the settings of your app, however, you should take a look on the left side of the screen once again and press "Advanced"? it would be located just under the "Settings" button that you have found in the previous step
        6) When the advanced settings would be opened please scroll down the page a little and find "Allow API Access to App Settings" and turn it on (there is the trigger just to the left from that text please click on it once to turn on). Please don't forget to save changes as well.
        7) Your app is almost ready, please choose "App review" from the menu on the left side of the screen and make your app public by switching on the trigger "Make name of the app public?" where "name of the app" is the name that you have chosen for your app.
        8) Now your app is ready, please go to the dashboard on Facebook and you will see app id and secret you need.

        P.S. On my network I have checked and share button from the comments doesn't work, please check it on your side and let me know who it's working on your side, and if it's not sharing the content please send me the link to the page where you have enabled Facebook comments plugin

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.


        • I saw it in the other post. But this is not a good solution.

          When we create the comment box, we created a unique box for

          the entire site.

          The same box that will appear on the Blog is the same box

          that will appear in all content of all members.

          So people can not ask and answer, giving sequence in a

          All matters mingle, showing disorganisation.

          A single box for whole website will turn into chaos.

          We need the right solution. Fix the problem. Will this happen?

          Best regards,

          Fabrício Giugni

          • Hi Fabricio,

            As I see your network has been already added to the bug report that has been passed to the tech team before, I have updated it with your comment. When there will the fix or any information regarding this I'll let you know.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

            • Hi,

              How long it still is going to take?

              • Hi there!

                Sorry but the issue hasn't been fixed yet. Once it will be fixed we will inform you here on creators. At this point, the issue has been divided into several tasks and assigned to the responsible developers. 

                Also, I have forgotten to mention last time, if you have successfully integrated the Facebook (it's about the Facebook in 3rd party integration tab) after that you can enable Facebook comments on any module that have settings for comments (blog, discussions, events etc.). If you do so each page and basically each blog post, for example, would have the separated Facebook comments in there.

                I'll make the separate post today here on creators related to the settings that should be chosen to make the network accept the API including video.

                Best regards,

                Ning Team.

                • I tried what was said in the other post but it does not working.  :(

This reply was deleted.

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