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I can see in the Dashboard how to add new sign up questions, but I cannot see how to reword the automatic questions. If someone signs up because they are asked for their name they give their regular name, but then most realise upon joining that they would like an ''avatar'' name or handle. They change it but of course the URL at the top of their member page stays the same as the name they signed up with. Some people like more privacy on sites. I cannot see how to clarify in the Sign Up form that the name required would be an avatar name.

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  • Bump.

  • You can change that in the language editor in your dashboard.

    Here is how it would like on the profile page if you changed it to user name

    And here is the signup page

    About your other part about members changing their profile name.

    Existing members can always change their name in the profile page and they can also change the url name as well

    So if they change their name in the Full Name box ( the standard text setting ) they can also change the url to that name as well or anyname they want for that matter. they just change the url in the image below.

    Hope that helps

    John :-)

    • Oh by the way if you still want to see a user name as an admin you can always add another question for their actual name and set it to required and private so only admins can see it. This way you can see who's who by name not just user name.

      • Hi John, I am incredibly grateful to you for answering, this has been bugging me for ages and i have been mooching around in the dashboard and too embarrassed to ask for help!

        However, when I go into Language Editor, this is all I get....where are all those settings you have in your screen shots?

      • Oh my goodness! Hang on! I have found it...I have never ever been to that part of the dashboard before

        Flipping heck.

        Thank you so much for all your help and tips.

        • No worries glad to help, Cool glad you found the little edit button, forgot to mention that. The language editor allows you to change a lot of the text wording around your site, sometimes though it takes a bit of trial and error to get the right word as some of them are shared around the site. When you edit a section it will be highlighted different to the others so you know that you have changed that part if you go back to it again.

          If you want to reset at anytime to the original then you just choose the reset option.

          John :-)

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