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As we know we can create pages for our main site and can hide them from the main nav menu by placing them in the Unlinked Pages section at the bottom of the Pages list. Now this feature is not added to our groups pages list so here is a way to do that.

Note: This tip will remove the tabs from the menu but we are not removing the pages of course so you can still add a link to them to show when you want them to. For example, suppose you have created a help page and added it to the unlinked section so it's hidden. Now if you have a forum and want to add a link to the page to open if they click on a link you can do so and the page will open.


Ok let's get the very important thing out of the way first. We are going to be adding a page and going to call it Unlinked Pages and this will get added to the end of that page url. This is what we are going to use to distinguish it from all the others so make sure you do not add or have any pages which end in these words other than the one we are going to add.

Ok let's get started

First of all we need to add a little custom code, this code should be added to your site&pages custom code end of page section. We only need add this code once so add it then you can forget about it.

//Creating Unlinked Pages In Groups Navmenu
x$('.groupHeader-tab > a[href$="/unlinkedpages"], .groupHeader-tab > a[href$="/unlinked-pages"]').closest('li').addClass('unlinkedPages');

Now we can add our Unlinked Page section in the group page list.

This is easily done as we are just adding a page like any other,

  1. So go to the +Add Page, it defaults to Articles which is fine ( we can use any page type we want as it's only being used as a seperator ).
  2. In the tab name we just add the words Unlinked Pages, you can add a space or write it like this UnlinkedPages as either way works.
  3. IMPORTANT: Do Not set the page view to administrator, it must be Group or Site Members.
  4. Save the page
  5. In the pages list make sure it is at the bottom of the list.

That's it all done!

Now to make any page unlinked just drag it down below the Unlinked Pages page tab.

Here are two images showing the page setup and how it looks with the two pages I added underneath in the unlinked section, notice they are not visible in the nav menu.

Page Setup

Nav menu showing the two pages Page2 and Photos2 in the unlinked section not showing in the main nav


John :-)

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  • Just wondering if anyone has tried this before I sign it off as complete and add it to my archive of tips.

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