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Hi everyone! Here’s someone was asking about bugs appearing when you share materials on Facebook. I found out what’s the problem. Hope my experience can help the others as well.

So, when you want to share your article or whatever on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, sometimes you get a nice preview, sometimes you don’t (you see a sign-in page instead of your article). The trick is that content on ning can be either public or private. So if you made your article or video private, Facebook won’t be able to make a preview.

What should you do then is, duh, change the privacy settings. But then again, I changed the settings and made my article visible to everyone but the preview remained the same :-( I googled the problem and found out that it is quite a common problem, facebook simply does not renew its cash automatically. No idea how often it does it, maybe once a month or two months. It uses the old cash, and ignores your changes. As for me, that’s way too long to wait. So, I found their service that helps you solve this problem You simply enter the url you want to share there and in the bottom of the page you will see the new preview of your article. For some reasons it doesn’t always work correctly so sometimes you need to click Scrape Again or even do it twice. Actually, this service is good also for other situations. I use it if I updated my post or even changed it completely.

I debug it and all the previews in Facebook also get changed automatically. I mean, they change not only at one particular Facebook page, but everywhere you posted this url. I hope it will be useful for you as well.

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  • Very cool Bradley!  Thank you for sharing your experience.  You may want to doublecheck your link though.  This is what I got.

    • Hi Kos! Don`t know what happened: I followed the link, and everything is ok... Here it is. 

      • Here's what I got today.  lol


        • Hi there!

          as I see you are trying to open the file that has been uploaded to the File manager apparently, or maybe you have uploaded it to any post or the comment it doesn't matter. Maybe you have heard that we have been reworking the storage functionality, and right now you will be receiving that message in cases when you are not allowed to see the file. I do suppose you have just copied and pasted the link to the address bar of the browser. In order to open the file via the link, it should be opened through the network, what means that the link should be inserted into the network somewhere (to which the file has been uploaded), and only in such case the file would be opened.

          Please let me know if you have some questions.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          P.S. Regarding the link in this post, as I can see from the screenshot you have shared you have also tried to include "You" into the link, however, the appropriate link will be

          Debugger - Facebook for Developers
This reply was deleted.

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