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  • First thing to do would be to make sure your network is fully public. Then, verify and submit your network to Google and Bing. Finally, create fresh content on a daily basis. Encourage your community to contribute blog posts and share thoughtful discussions around your key topic areas via social media. There are a few great discussions here on Creators that you can reference such as 3.0 content combination for seo supremacy and killer penguins, but keep in mind that it can take a good deal of time and a lot of great content before you find your site ranking high in the SERPs. There's no magic bullet for SEO. And with billions of webpages, you'll want to maintain a narrow (or longtail) focus to get the best results.

  • its not as easu as it used to be  since latest google upfdates you really have to earn top ranking not try to get it

    but still many things do matter

    great titles

    top and foremost u need great titles  with descriotive  keywords

    art page sux but artists of the 16th century vienna is awesome

    content is king

    a minumum of 300 words  keywords shouldnt be over 5% in fact 2% or so is prime althoigh densities and such are somewhat devalued

    sitemap sitemao sitemap highly important to have a complete and updatesd sitemap

    see my numerouse sitemap discussions as well as my other seo suggestu]ions (ignore any related to link building as those are somewhat dangerouse teritory now)

    links are still important however you should earn them by posting great content a tool like tynt helps but avoid link building networks at all costs

    social intwraction surrounding your content is  the new king

    get ppl engaged about your content on fb twitter and g+

    use subheadings (42-h6) to organize your content into subjects of decreasing value

    h1 should be yoir pages major focus h2 a sub point h3 a less important 1 etc

    rely on text alone to get your point across use images only as visual aids not a text substitute

    post new updated and most of all engaging content daily

    theres no quick fix seo is a constant  and constantly changing thing that requires your attention all the time however..just posting interesting info should be your biggest seo effort

    do not try to cheat and force yoir way to the top

    spamming posting links in blog comments just to post links etc will get you nowhere but the bottom

  • NC for Hire
    Content. Write it and they will come.
    Share it on the social channels that work best for you.
    Don't buy links. Don't sell links.
    Smoke and mirrors basically. There's no such thing as an SEO expert :-)
    • I like the work this SEO company does.

      You can give them a shot if you have some dollars to spend to get a solid foundation for your SEO.

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  • The first thing I would recommend is learning how to properly use tags. It is obvious from the "tags" you have chosen for this discussion that you are unaware of what they are for and how to use them. The only tag you should have used for this discussion is "seo". You put a whole sentence in the tag field, which is incorrect.

    I would also like to stress the importance of SweetPotato's counsel. Heed his words, and you will have no problems with your search engine optimization efforts. 

    Best wishes to you, Ali.

  • 'Top of google' is loosely used. Which keyword are you talking about?

    If you want to get to the top of the charts on goole for 'poker' then you are going to have a hard time.

    But if you wanted to get to the top of google with keyword "free education courses online" then it would be much easier.

    Your own brand name is a word that people would search for. Something like 'Google' is an easy brand to remember, or so to is yahoo, etc.

    education4world is not the easiest name to remember, so you would automatically have a slightly lower return visitors rate because of this, unless of course they become a member etc.

    Because you have a .net domain also, these are regarded by google as not as special and do not hold as much authority as a .com

    The title tag of your website needs to have a good description about what the site is about. Google will look at this description and decide whether it is a good answer to someones query they have placed in.

    Google want to serve the best results to the person using their search. Otherwise people will not use there search. This means that google will penalise a website that it serves as a result to a query if that person leaves the site after 1 or 2 seconds. It wants the user to find the answer, so if the person goes back to google after searching then they are not likely to serve that result to the user again.

    As suggested previously in this thread, blogs are your best bet, and so to are titles.

    If someone posts '10 tips for unemployed post graduates' as a blog post. Then the chances of it being the answer to someones query is high if they search for 'tips for unemployed post graduates'

    So yeh in short, get people posting articles. Post some yourself also. And watch the traffic roll in. Traffic means $. Simply put you can put ads on your site that will monetise your site.

    Around £0.50p per 1000 ad impressions you serve if you use google adsense. So serve 1,000,000 ad impressions and you would get £500. Not bad hey but to get that kind of traffic it needs to be a bloody good website and resource for people.

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