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I am wanting the profile picture to be larger on my members profile page. Is it possible to make it larger without them having to do it? I see that on ning 3.0 it doesn't seem possible to give the profile photo a size preference. So hoping there is a work around for it. Thank you!

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  • Hi Jennifer, I wrote a tip for this and have included the link to that post. If you read through it you will see there are two bit's of code to add. There is a link to my old site so I have given you another link below to my new site so you can check out the size change. I set my size to 160px on this site not 180px as in the tip.

    Here is the link to the tip

    And here is the link to my new site profile page

    Hope this helps, John :-)

    • Thank you John. I will check out the link you sent me for profile picture. And your profile pic looks great on your site. Thats exactly what I would like. I sent you a message did you possibly get it? :-)

      • Your welcome, no sorry i did not get a message.
    • Thank you John, that worked great. I do like how yours is oval. Is there a bit of code I can add to make it oval on mine by chance? :-)

      • You can make them oval via the design studio. Go to the page link then choose affects and drag the slider to the right for the amount you would like.
        • Thats right I remember now. Thank you

        • This is the message I sent you via my inbox here on creators. Not sure why it didn't go through.

          Hi John,

          First, I would like to say thank you so much for your tips that you give and the assistance that you have given me. I have really needed the assistance...and your help has been very appreciated.

          You helped me with my header this last week. And took your adviceto make my logo header smaller and in the end it really helped enlarge it on mobile devices. Since I made the header smaller I had to remove some crucial wording that is important for getting the message across quickly when a person 1st looks at my site. I took out the part that said:

          • Find Caregivers
          • Find Jobs
          • Find Businesses

          Is it possible to add them in to the actual header not the header that my logo is in but underneath it and instead of having them bulleted place them next to each other? Something like this:

          Find Caregivers. Find Jobs. Find Businesses

          I would prefer the text in white and maybe bold not sure. Don't want it to take away from the actual logo and slogan.

          Thank you for your time John :-)

          • Hi Jennifer,

            Unfortunately, there is no text box under the logo where you can put your text easily. So here is the code that might be used to do so.

            <!-- Text after header logo -->


            <script type="text/javascript">
            var getelid = function (id){
            return document.getElementById(id);
            var sitenamelogo = getelid("site-nameLogo");
            var headertext = document.createElement("div");
            var text = document.createTextNode("Find Caregivers. Find Jobs. Find Businesses");
            headertext.className = "textunderheader";

            This part you should put to the end of page section in your custom code tab. It will basically create the block with the text inside.

            Then it's necessary to determine the style properties (like text color weight of text etc.). Please copy the following code and put it in the design studio to custom CSS section.

            .textunderheader {color: white!important; font-weight: 700;}

            I have noticed that you were unsure about the weight of the text, so I have made it bold, you can change this numeric parameter "font-weight: 700;" to make your text thicker or thinner. It could be from 100 to 900, the bold text value is 700, the value for normal text is 400.

            Hope this helps.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

            • Hi Kyryl, I see you added some code for Jennifer for the text. That's an awful lot of code to do that job. You can do the same thing just in css all in one line like this

              .header-siteNameLogo::after{content:"Find Caregivers. Find Jobs. Find Businesses"; display:inline-block; font-size:14px;color:white;font-weight:bold;line-height:1.5em; margin:5px 0px 10px 0px }

              • Hi kyryl,
                I put your code in and it did work :) I will try Johns tonight when I am able to work on my site. Thank you Kyryl!
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