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  • Hi there,

    Thanks for letting us know that the way of uploading of the photos to the network isn't convenient to your members. We have informed the management about this.

    Best regards,

    Ning team.

    • Thank you
    • Anything on this still have members that have no clue on how to post photos
  • Bully rather than lose members for that, is there a reason you haven't created your own button and placed them on every page?  I'm happy to help out if you need a hand.  I use daButtonFactory, download 'em and place them everywhere with the photos page URL attached.  Then you can use some of Johns code here to brighten up that "add" button on the page and make it stand out.  It truly helps until Ning gets around to it......

    • fortunately my site has every feature ning haven't add yet including live notifications and my own personal made chat ,people are just use to the quick add on the activity feed of 99 percent of social networks that exist..

    • I understand that you found a way to do it. And thanks for that.

      We should not be punished because Ning did not do it right.

      • His way doesn't even work right it just takes u to the photo page and u still have to click add again
  • Will be working on the one I created and a slimmer version over the weekend so hopefully we can have something to help in the interim if Ning are going to add something for this.

    Other networks it is much simpler for but in our case because we can add multiple features of the photo instance and also in groups it becomes a lot more complicated as when the 'quick add' is clicked on, it needs to know which photo page to add it to or which group and which photo page in the group and also needs to check what permissions that member has for uploading or the privacy of the page.

  •     The Add Button should be on MyPage. And that's it.

    The are no logical the way it is. The first time I had to call on support to figure it out my self.

    • It should be like 2.0 in the activity feed and profile page groups imo iv been dealing with this for the past 2 years and all they keep saying is we'll pass it to management
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