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Here is a way to IM and chat with Members on your Sandbox sites!


Hi friends!

As we try out Ning 3.0 to become familiar with the new platform, Ning has allowed us to have a free sandbox account for 6 months. We are allowed up to 5 members so our partners and admins can work together on the upgrade. But there is no chat feature yet in Ning 3.0 which would be helpful as we are on there with others trying to work together. Even if Ning adds chat into the Ning 3.0 platform, I imagine there will be no IM.

I just ported my popular I-Ming app to Ning 3.0 and you can use it to Instant Message other members on your Ning 3.0 site as you work together to modify your new sites and test things out. The price for the app for the "old" Ning was $150 - but I am deeply discounting it for Ning 3.0.

Here's the deal. For a One Time fee of just $25, you will be able to use the I-Ming IM app on your new Ning 3.0 sandbox account for 6 months. In 6 month's time, I imagine Ning may have chat ready for Ning 3.0 and you can decide to go with Ning chat and/or buy the I-Ming outright for a price that I haven't decided on yet.

If you want to try I-Ming on a Ning 3.0 platform, come chat with me on my new Ning 3.0 site (I can only have 5 members so I may have to let you in and then ask you to leave! lol)  The app looks the same as the I-Ming several of you already own or have used on my current Ning site  Note: Most of the elements of the app can be altered with CSS so it will match the style of your site.

Any questions, just ask here or at this discussion I set up on my site:

Thanks and best wishes!


P.S. SMILEYS for Ning 3.0 is available on my site, but its an early version and doesn't work everywhere that my regular Smileys package for Ning 2.0 does.  It is FREE just like the current Smiley app has always been free.

P.S.S. Thanks to everyone who bought the "Infinite Scroll" app for their current Ning site!  NOW AVAILABLE is the MUCH REQUESTED "Friends Only Latest Activity" (FOLA) app. Details to follow soon.

'TJ' is the Owner of
(NEW Signature app for Ning 3.0 is in the works too)

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  • I like this TJ thanks.

  • As always, TJ is the man!  His apps are just awesome.

  • Thanks for your comments, everyone! Smile.gif

    I found out that you don't even need to be approved as a Member to use my IM program.

    That may be really helpful for sandbox accounts with their 5 Member cap!  People can come by and sign up for your site and you don't need to approve them to chat with them.  You can get a little instant feedback from them while they look around, without having to approve them which might put you over your 5 Member cap.

    So if you want to try out the IM app, just sign up at my site: and click your own profile icon if no one else is around, and test IM to yourself. Smile.gif  You'll have the default profile pic because you don't get the opportunity to upload a profile pic until you are approved on a Ning site, but hover over the icon and it should show your name so you know its you. Smile.gif

    Best wishes!




  • My sincere thanks to Ning for including the following in their current Community Digest email which was sent today:

    TJ has already developed a chat app that's compatible with Ning 3.0, so if you have a Sandbox network or a new Ning 3.0 and want an IM App to Chat With Your Admins in advance of the Chat feature release, TJ can make it happen.

    Have a great weekend, everyone!


  • 1064514103.jpegSuperstar!  *lol*

  • Thanks to Ning for featuring this discussion and thanks again for everyone's comments! :-)

    In addition to this app, I now have a working Profile Textbox for N3 and have used it to embed a music player, so two N3 issues *may* be solved for some of you in some cases - Your members can have their Profile Textboxes to add HTML to their profile pages, and that HTML can include music widgets.

    I haven't made one of the discussions here about my feedback with N3 mainly because I haven't found any issues I couldn't work around and I've been too busy writing hopefully useful apps for N3.  So consider this my feedback on N3 - be optimistic that Ning or some developer should be able to provide many of the features you desire for your N3 site!

    Best wishes!


  • Six months has gone by now TJ- can you bring us up to date on how you like the I-Ming chat/message app so far?  Does it have video chat capability?  Did you settle on a one-time price for N3?  Can you show us a screen shot? 

    I've just started using Skysa on my 2.0, and would like to compare a bit if it's not complicated.  Thanks!   :)

    • Hi Strumelia,

      We've been selling this IM app as part of an custom apps package, so no individual pricing yet.  It does not have video chat.  You can check it out on my N2 site; if no one's there, just click your own icon and IM yourself :-)

      The Skysa bar is nice.  In addition to the IM, they have a chat and other apps.  I've heard it uses Flash and doesn't work on some devices.  I haven't heard of any devices mine doesn't work on.  If you have any questions, message me!

      Thanks and best wishes,


      • Hi TJ, I just went to your site and tested the IM to myself, and it worked fine. 

        Two questions- I cannot see in your chat room how/where to know who else is in there at the moment.  And- now I get the IM beep noise every time I go to any new page on your site- why is it doing that and how do I turn that beep off?

        Thanks!   :)

        -love that you are working on all these new apps and tricks.  :)

      • Skysa now charges for their chat and IM function, plus they are a bugger to get rid of. They constantly are sending bills to me for a product I am no longer use especially after they kept taking money out of my account even though I quit them.

        They are like a leech that one cannot seem to un-leech.

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