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It's been 5 months since I put in a support ticket to have the invitaiton link fixed on my site and the response I get is thank you for your patience.  I was also told that it's a global issue. Are any of you having this issue?  I'm missing out on money and members since this link is unavailable for members to invite their friends to the site.  My site is a 2.0 - 

Have you had or do you have this issue?

If you had this issue and it was fixed -how long did that take?

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  • Hello Pam! 

    Unfortunately, this issue can be reproduced on my 2.0 network, and on the test networks of my colleagues, which leads us to believe that the issue is global. 

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    • If it's global wouldn't that mean that a lot of people would want it fixed and fixed quickly so they don't have the growth of their websites stalled....maybe I don't understand the term Global?  

      • Hello!

        You are right, we expected this issue to be reported by multiple networks. But for some reason, you are the only one who contacted us on this matter. 

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

        • I thought this was a global matter- what does that mean.  If I'm the only one then maybe it's on my site as I said before.  Wouldn't hurt to have some one look again at my site - please.

          • Hello!

            As you asked, my colleague checked your site and we`ve come up with the solution. Please check your PM for the detailed explanation. 

            Best regards,

            The NING Team

This reply was deleted.

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