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1 month ago I asked support to look into two issues.  First, subject tags are no longer showing up inside posts and it appears the "display:none" is on the Ning side.   Ticket number 1901094  

Second, as google webmasters has pointed out, there are no longer any hreflang specified in the headers of any pages inside my community.   And it has become obvious today that Leaderboards have not worked in over a month.  

Are there changes to the 2.0 going on at the moment?  Is this perhaps a foreshadowing of a new migration script?  

I have received no solutions from support.   Please advise

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      • Hello!

        I apologize, usually when network creators say that the Leaderboards doesn't work the page appears to be empty with no information at all. 

        I can see that, for example, on the page with top content and discussions there are pretty recent entries -

        Could you please specify what categories are not being updated?

        Regarding the issue with blog tags - I am very sorry, but there is still no solution to this issue. Unfortunately, our team is still working on the fix. 

        Looking forward to your reply!

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

        Screenshot "Top Discussions this Month .png"
  • Leaderborads are still broken...

    • Hello Matt!

      I am very sorry for the inconveniences, I can see that your issue with leaderboards was reported to the Tech Department, and I hope it will be resolved soon. So, far, unfortunately, I cannot see any ETA for this task. 

      Please accept my apologies once again.

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

      • NC for Hire

        My indication that leaderboards are broken comes from the dashboard... the same 2 photos have been there for over 4 months and never change... the leaderboards ranking and functionality seem to be broken or at least update in less frequent intervals... like maybe the cache is overloaded....   


        what is more alarming is that my Tags disappeared on individual posts about 6 months ago and Ning support seems to have no clue of how to get them back for me... ive been asking them for close to 4 months to help...they keep telling me theyll ask an engineer but i know for a fact that never happens...  i'm basically just waiting to migrate to 3.0 because 2.0 is maxed out and basically hanging on by a thread...

        • Hi!

          When it comes to leaderboards, usually we update the cache of the network and "reboot" the leaderboards and it helps in most cases. But recently it stopped working for some networks, so we are trying to figure out why and what can be done to fix it. 

          Regarding the tags - I am very sorry, but there is no solution yet. I am not sure if you`ve been in touch with Dmitry, he is in charge of the migration, but I know that it is already possible to transfer the majority of the content and we have migrated some of the networks already. I can pass your email to him so you can discuss it further if you are interested. 

          Looking forward to your reply!

          Best regards,

          The NING Team

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