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Letter to Ning

 Dear Ning,

I would like to ask you few questions. I understand that could help we all. Why simple things are not solved? I see all users asking for help for years ...

Very simple things  but really  important. Like:

    Relocate button to add photos. This is a problem, looklikes it were designed to create a bad impression,  It's very serious, and I've noticed that every Ning user has asked for it for years. How hard is it to put the button in the correct place? On the user page like any social network? Can't you understand that is not intuitive, and we are losing engagement of our users? People don;t come back where they feel lost.

   Members complain and are not posting anymore. If they do not post, my business is over. Couse, the only thing a photographer has to show, is his work and he can not find the button to do it. Is it hard to understand why it's not fixed. Don't you care about?

The ranking system is great and powerful. But it is not possible to limit the number of photos the user posts. This makes it impossible for us to use. A member can get 10,000 points in 10 minutes. Makes the network owner look silly, silly. How could you give a prize to the first in the ranking? It means nothing to be the first. What a waste of great tool?

The only thing a user can do is LIKE a photo. All network is about getting "LIKES" We have the worse like button on the earth, and it far away form the photo. Again is hard to understan. We need more than one like options ( thumbs up, thumbs down and so on ) Every network has 5 otions to show how user feels about the photo. We have one and it's far away. "kind Hidden." 

   The layouts of website designs are ugly and outdated. Alignment of the photo page is all wrong. We always have to correct with codes, that are sometimes provided by Ning yourself. Why not fix it definitively? Most Ning users 80% have layouts seem to have been made in "Word" or "Paint". But website shows a good layout and says we have several options to use. All limited to no beauty at all

   There are several other little things. Exemple: I would like to charge use a member ship access, with the new tools. But my users only give me the feedbacks Kind of, there is a lot to fix, the site still seems a bit strange. Is not  easy to post and so on...

I spend lot's money creating my e-mails list. I feel bad about invite 20 000 people to have this kind of felling. It's all about felling. the only thing that keep me on, is the wonderful photos they post, when they can find how. The photo is my content.

PS: Sorry for my englis and if i write some words wrong. But I need to show these things, and others I have not said. Do basics well is very important. Make the tools we have to work very well, is more important than creating new tools. This is just the opinion of someone who is studying and trying to use Ning as a real business.

With all my respet and apraciation, for Ning company, each gave me a chance to start some thing real


Thanks you all.


Best reagards,
Fabrício Giugni

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  • Fucking bull shot now my issues I have do tickets alld ay toget site fuction for  half hour or  2 hours now all day 3.,0 69.00 month BULL SHIT iam fuming more then pissed lost a potential member ay loose members so mad cant even write no reply here from NING to  

    • Hi there!

      Please check my detailed reply here

      But I also want to additionally mention that our manager will get in touch with you today via email regarding the recent issues with images. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

      my ning 3,0 i HAVE TO BEG ning TO FIX EACH DAY AND PAY 59
      dEAR ninG SHARE WITH YOU WHAT i TOLD MY ADMIN WHY i AM HURT DEPRESSED ANGERE Each day for the past week I have to beg write tiket for NING to fix sit…
  • Hi there!

    I do understand, that for new Ning members the way of adding photos may be confusing and not quite obvious, but still, the option to upload photos from profile page directly was not added by the previous NING team intentionally as a part of the functionality, and we cannot consider it as a bug. And I totally agree with you, we have received a lot of requests of adding such option, all such feedbacks are already reported and acknowledged by our Product Team. But, unfortunately, at the moment, the majority of our resources are being concentrated on another tasks and improvements. I have offered you a workaround here please check it. 
    Regarding the issue with MRS and photo upload abuse. It can be solved with moderation tools. You can enable "Approve photos before they appear" option and control the number of photos from each member per day. 

    Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to predict each and every use case and create a unified standard tool that would allow you to create a website of any shape and form in a few simple clicks. Our design tools were made to help building a site in easy and simple way for those who don't want to pay huge amounts for hosting and custom development. I am very sorry that you were not able to achieve the desired look with standard editing tools - but this is why there is an option to add some additional customization with a code. 

    Regarding your struggle with paid membership - here we can only offer you to use discounts/trials, or start with smaller amounts for membership. As an alternative, you can also start with applying paywalls on certain content or put donation button instead of putting a paid membership right away. 
    I do understand your frustration and all the inconveniences you have faced with. Your feedback has been passed to the management and our support team will do their best to help you with your concerns. 

    I apologize for the delayed answer. 

    Best regards,


    Add Photos location problem.
      Hi,   The main complaint on my network is how difficult is to add photos. And my network is all about photographers show they work. I need the bott…
  • 35631952?profile=original
    Hi there!
    First of all, I apologize a lot to Gerard, who`s comment I accidentally removed by clicking "Delete" instead of clicking "Reply". It was not intentional, and I am attaching a screenshot of his comment from the activity feed to which I am replying now. 

    It is completely my fault, I have initially missed this discussion on the date it was posted, and noticed it when you and Lady Shadow commented on it and therefore it appeared in the Activity Feed. I am so sorry once again, I will definitely pay more attention and do better in the future, thank you so much for bringing attention to it. 
    Best regards,

    The NING Team

This reply was deleted.

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