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Mailchimp integration

I have apparently integrated my Ning network with Mailchimp successfully, except that none of our members are appearing in the Mailchimp lists!  I gather Mailchimp are supposed to update the lists daily, but it is over 24hours since it was all set up. What am I doing wrong? 

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  • Correction - the members who visited the network in the last 30 days are listed, but we need the full list of members.

  • Well, I have imported the list myself - it wasn't clear that you had to do this, but presumably you do.

  • Hello!

    I apologize for the misunderstanding! 

    Upon completing the integration 3 lists should become available automatically: 

    1. List of new network members (you can set automated welcome message to these e-mails);
    2. List of members who have visited your network in the past 30 days;
    3. List of members who haven’t visited your network in the past 30 days, but visited it during past 60 days.

    So if you want to have the full list of members, it is necessary to upload and update it manually. 

    I can offer you to check the following article on our HelpCenter, it may be useful -

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    MailChimp 4.67 (93.33%) 3 votes If you want to make communication with your network members more eff…
    • Thank you, yes, I read the article, but it does not say that you have to migrate the whole database of members manually.


  • @Anastasia_Ning_Support - has the process been updated?

    I successfully integrated my Ning network, and the three lists reflect but all three have 0 subscribers.

    • We have added over 50 new members to our network in the last 30 days. 
    • With 2,700+ members, I'm 100% positive that there are members who haven't visited in the last 30 days.
    • I know there are 4 members on at the moment, so wouldn't they be reflecting on the list of those who have visited?

    Also, so in theory, the combination of the two lists (visted and not visted) should give us all network members correct? So, we should use both lists if we want to update everyone?


    • Hello!

      As far as I am aware - nothing was changed recently, so we need to look into this further. Could you please specify when did you integrate your network with MailChimp and provide me with a screenshot of your lists? 

      Looking forward to your reply!

      Bets regards,

      The NING Team

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