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  • Hi Fabricio!

    As one of the possible solutions, you can use this tip and add the links to create the new posts/photos to the below header HTML box. Of course, you can use other icons or the simple text. Also, you can add the links to add new content to your network to the main navigation tab in such case your members wiil be able to add content from any page of your network.

    Best wishes,

    Ning Team.

    For 3.0 and 2.0 practical to add ... just change url
    Profile +Blog  +Forum  +Event  +Group  +Photos+  +Videos  The code itself:  <table width="100%" cellspacing="2" border="0"> <tbody> <tr style="h…
  • Hi Kyryl.

    Is a good Solution. But can you help me? I chage the url but the button to add photos does not work. how can I fix it?


    • Hi there!

      Unfortunately, the photo could be uploaded only from the photos pages, if your members are not able to find the plus button you can enable the option that would add titles to the plus buttons, on the section related to the buttons settings in the design studio. In such case, the button would be more noticeable. Also if you are familiar with CSS you can add some sort of helpful arrow that would be pointing at the plus button, and some text on it would be indicating that this button should be used for the photo upload. If necessary I can create the code that would be doing so but I need to see your photos page first so please share the link if it's possible.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Thanks Kyryl.

        Please. Let me know how where to place the code that you will send me.


        Todas as fotos - Fotos - Inspire-se, desafie-se, mostre seu trabalho.
        G play. Comunidade para fotógrafos e concurso fotográfico. Inspiração para sua fotografia. Dicas, descubra fotografias que inspiram você.
        • Hi there!

          Here is the code that should go to the design studio custom CSS:

          .page-photos .content-actions li:before {
          content: "";
          height:200px ;
          background-size: contain;
          background-image: url('*Gm5q5swEEiiUeFvIDRTV5UkPmlpVywKQidl8Hga6yGdJ5*TB84TyOJmQyXfXSEAME/palez.png');
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          position: absolute;
          right: 160px;


          @media only screen and (max-width: 481px) {
          .page-photos .content-actions li:before {
          right: 50px;

          Please note that it has been created specially for the settings of your site and the size of the picture I'm using, if it's necessary to change the picture, please make the necessary adjustments to the values of the properties in the code.

          And screenshots:

          Same pic would be added for the web version.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

  • I thought my members was slow lol 

This reply was deleted.

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