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Need CSS Help With Adjusting Table

Okay I know normally I can figure these CSS changes out myself but I'm recovering from surgery, a follow up bought of pneumonia and now I have Bells Palsy (which completely stinks!!!) needless to say I'm upside down, turning in circles and things are a little screwy for me at this point.

What I'm trying to do is remove the "Replies" column in my forums AND widen the left column to take up that space (which I never got to because the first part wasn't working).

I've tried variations of codes and they don't seem to work so I'm reaching out and need someone's assistance.  It 'looks like it'll work but when I put the code in - it doesn't.  It's from this page:

These don't work for me.  I know it's got to be simple.  I just can't think straight right now.  Help!

table.categories th.bignum, table.categories td.bignum (display: none;}

table.categories td.bignum {display: none;}

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  • Hi Kos,

    I think this will work for you.

    table.categories td.bignum { display: none;}
    th.bignum.xg_lightborder { display: none;}
    table.categories { table-layout: auto;}
    td.xg_lightborder { width: 75%;}

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Strange.  When I click "preview" it looks great but once I save, the first column shrinks back down.  I even tried adding !important but that didn't help either.

      Thanks for jumping in here Kyryl

      • Hi there!

        The strange thing is, I have opened the link you have mentioned in the post to check what is wrong with the code and here is what I can see.


        So it seems that you have figured out what was wrong yourself, good job. 

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

        • It must be browsers.  Try it in Firefox.

          • I see this like in Kyryl print and I´m using FF.

            • I checked FF and it looks like i have the most up-to-date version.  *sigh*  Oh well.  At least the middle column is gone.


              • For me is like this:


                • I must need a new computer!  lol

                  • Hi Kos!

                    There is nothing wrong with your computer I'm sure. I think I have found the solution, for some reason for the registered members it has been overwriting the CSS styles, and when you are not logged in everything looks like it should be. Anyway please try to insert this two lines of code instead of the last two I have posted in the previous comment.

                    table.categories { table-layout: auto!important;}

                    .xg_theme td.xg_lightborder { width: 75%;}

                    I hope that will work.

                    Best regards,

                    Ning Team.

                    • Awesome!  That did it. How did you figure that out (overwriting part)?  Just amazing. It was blowing my mind that it would work on "preview" but not once saved.  Made me batty!  Or "battier".  *lol*

                      Thank you for your assistance Kyryl.  It is truly appreciated.

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