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As the title indicates, due to some glitch on our account I can view old, closed out tickets but am unable to submit a new ticket to Ning Support team.

The front page of the account has had several days where the font / appearance of items feeding to the HOME page are off.  This happend also a couple weeks back, but cleared up within 24 hours.  No recent changes to the page settings would acount for this issue.

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  • NC for Hire

    i had this problem once and this is what i did to fix it... can't guarentee but worth a try

    1. Log into your social network as the Network Creator
    2. Clear the cache by visiting

    • Enter the URL above in your Browser Address bar, like when visiting any website.
    • Replace with the domain name of your network and press Enter.

    After you clear the Cache, you should receive the following message:
    ✔ XN cache invalidated

    • Thanks, but I am the sole ADMIN for the group but not its original creator.  Site was turned over to me and a group of volunteer moderators to manage almost 3 years ago.  I can do a lot as for general maintenance and upkeep, but don't have the original network creator sign-in rights.

  • Hello Kevin!

    I apologize for the issues with support tickets and layout. I have applied a temporary fix for the home page and it should look better now, please take a look. 

    Regarding the support tickets - we are currently looking into it, meanwhile, this link will bring you to "Create a ticket" form -

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    • Yes, it is back to "normal" now, thanks.

      The fix also repaired the "create new ticket" link on the SUPPORT tab so I should be able to use it in future if the fix holds.

      See the reply I posted above to JFarrow's comment - - What is needed in order to transfer the CREATOR rights over from Link Neal to myself? Reference the two below links as evidence of the transfer of the site to the group of volunteer fans as Moderators and me as the sole active ADMINISTRATOR for the group.

      Handover Announcement (July 2015):

      For reference: Clarification on Changes to the Kommunity

        <<< this one is a "member only" group page for the site moderators, hopefully as a Ning Support person you will have access rights to view. It contains things such as meeting notes, leader discussions, membership rules and moderator handbook, watchlist and blacklist accounts, etc.


      Kommunity Announcement Video
      • Hello Kevin!

        I understand it must be difficult for you to manage a community as an admin without an owner's permissions, and we have a procedure for the ownership transfer. It would be way easier if the current network owner (its Link, as I can see from the screenshot) could fill and submit this form. He will then receive a reply from our staff with further instructions. These instructions should be forwarded to the incoming network owner, and that's basically all the involvement we need from him. 

        If there is no way to contact the current owner, we can still help, but such cases will be negotiated via private messages depending on the situation you have. 

        Also, a very important note, the ownership transfer means the transfer of current subscription and billing responsibilities as well, meaning that the new owner will be paying for the website starting from the day of transfer. 

        You are welcome to you continue the conversation in private messages if you have any questions regarding the procedure. 

        Best regards,

        The NING Team
    • @ Anastasia - - well, the temporary fix lasted about 2 weeks and now it's back to the same issue.  Can you try again?  THANKS


      • Hello, Kevin!

        We do apologize for this inconveniences and already cleared something on our end.

        Please, check the site now.

        Best regards,

        The Ning Team

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