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I read that Ning was bought out and was committed to finally bringing the platform up to date with modern, reliable features and design. I had left Ning for a few years because of this issue. Upon coming back to Ning August 2017, I hate to say it, but it seems to me that the new Ning is just as bad as the old Ning. They still struggle to provide even basic features like paid access and SSL. 

Ning doesn't seem to understand or care that many creators are operating professional businesses and need a reliable platform. They find it all to easy to simply promise that certain features will be available "next quarter" or "later this year", with little or no concern that we can't operate businesses in that way. Honestly it seems to me like it will be at least a couple more years until Ning can be considered a decent platform that business owners can rely on. 

I recently returned to give Ning a second chance, but it's not going well - not at all, so I think I should be looking to take my business elsewhere. I'd rather be somewhere else than on Ning being charged full price for a network that fails to provide a full set of basic features. Can anyone provide any good cloud-hosted alternatives to Ning that are easy to use and don't require any code writing knowledge? I also need a platform that has a paid access feature - preferably compatible with the Stripe payment gateway. 


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  • NC for Hire

    Hi Aubrey.. since no one else will respond, ill give it a whirl.  I understand where you are coming from.  However, I am trying my best to disagree with you because I have in fact noticed a lot of improvements over the past few months.  Is it completely up to speed?  Well no... i imagine it is a huge undertaking to pick up where the old Ning abandoned us.  Are all the features present and working?  Not completely but we do hear from support much quicker, we do see new features come available in spurts and the new team does seem to genuinely care, unlike the last team.    In my opinion, we have a chance to either remain mad at the old Ning or provide positive and constructive criticism to the new Ning team.  I believe the latter will work better in our favor.  

    I am disappointed that migrations are still on hold and no one has built a better archiving tool, but I believe that they are working on that and I stay committed to managing my communities and staying active.  In the end, it is not Ning that makes our communities successful, it is our management, perspective and follow through.    So, I hear loud and clear where you are coming from and spent a lot of time feeling the same way...nevertheless, I must disagree that nothing is happening on Ning's end.  They are working hard and in time we'll see a shift.  We just have to be ready and in a positive mindset when it happens, in order to recognize that it is happening.  Good Luck.. if you are having specific problems that I might be able to help you with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

    • Nothing is the same ... everything is changing ... everything is improving ... times of change transformation ... the ground is planted ... the moment of harvest will be on the road ... I am with you

    • There have been enormous improvements. It is different ball game altogether. It is not perfect or complete, there are certainly problems, but compared to the older times it is an unbelievable change. For the better. And hopefully it will continue so. Plus Kyryl interacting here with us at Creators has been a huge help. So, I agree with you.

      • Excellent - good to know - thank you. 

    • Thanks Jfarrow - good response. I hope you're right. Looking forward to more normalization. 

    • Well said Justin. I completely agree with you.

  • I found that support under the new management to be quicker, helpful and definitely more responsive.  Yes, glitches continue to happen but as soon as I report them support fixes them.

    One thing is for sure the new management inherited a mess for the disgraceful and greedy Mode.  Mode gutted NING and left it to die.  The new management is trying to repair and I guess it will take some time to heal.

    But I do understand your frustration.  At least there are signs of improvement.  I was ready to jump ship under Mode.  Now I feel confident that NING will be ok.  So I am prepared to support them through this rebuilding period. 

    • Hello, Alexander!

      Thank you for your words of support and trust. We indeed inherited a lot of issues with Ning acquisition and started to fix them right away. There are a lot of things to improve so far, but be sure we are on our way to bugless future with more interesting and useful features. Ning network creators and members are our main motivation and inspiration.

      Thanks for staying with us.



      Ning Team

  • Yes after few month of very high hardwork and dedication, i think i should except the point that Ning is not what it appear or pretends to be!


    Its been close to 3months and i have not been able to make my site up...

    Basic features like - social sharing of groups, article images, especially to fb is not there, group feed is absent, forget group notitifactions!

    And the worst part is member invite google app shows INSECURED and email-notifications lands up to junk!

    So all the possibilites of your member enagements are close and you just can think of scaling up with the fractured system.


    If anyone can please help me in any above part - please feel free to drop a comment and help me to make my site atleast standup on feet.




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