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      • I just responded. I didn't get your message in my inbox. BTW I'm changing my email address on your site as I wasn't getting very many messages at my previous address.

  •  What's a Ning 2 site worth? I'm upgrading to Ning 3 shortly and I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the Ning 2 as an archive or move it all over.

    • It's worth whatever you want for it. You could sell one for as little as $1.00. and as high as $2000.00. It all depends on whose selling the site, what their financial situation is, how much value they want for it, and their interest in the site itself. I believe Pay Pal can process payments as a maximum of about $2500.00 for unverified accounts and about $10000.00 for verified per transaction.

      Selling yours may give someone needing the functionality and features of the 2.0 platform the means to succeed and excell at what Ning was originally known for. As a 2.0 owner, you will already know what that is like. for those of you who are new to 2.0, chances are you're probably wondering just what is the fuss all about anyways?

      The plans are cheaper. It's an exact in between from pricing plans and regular pricing plans.

      You get in some cases, a much easier interface for managing content. As well as a brandable network with badges, full media content sharing, better integration and customization as well as the ability to have more engagement tools and custom notifications. Lets not forget, the archive of tips specifically designed for 2.0 sites as well to provide premium functionality. the Ning gurus, at and can build any custom modules for Ning. but started their success on 2.0. Also, 2.0 was once marketed as a free product back in the day. Ning used daily feedback from top social networks to build the features you see on the platform today, even buying out two platform providers in the process selling custom add ons to make and roll out features they provided as their integrations were that top notch.

      All in all, when 3.0 was an under developed platform, the commodity factor for a 2.0 site seemed to be a no brainer. Especially from the years of 2014 - 2016. Now days, Ning 3.0 is catching up. Yet some of its core functionality still remains something to be improved upon, while 2.0 remains the older, and more mature if not mature and limited, king of Ning. the signature product which started it all so to speak.

      If you migrate your content, you can't keep the 2.0 site as an archivable network. Ning removes it during the migration script and or process.

      However you can archive most of the posts on it if you download the contents of it via the Ning network archiver. Something you can't do on Ning 3.0. furthermore, the Ning API is more extensible. Allowing you to utilize and add automatic posts to your 2.0 site from wordpress for example, while on Ning 3.0, this functionality is not available. Having said that, it's a wonderful classic platform built for more of a community socialization tool, as opposed to a brandable business network. Ning 3.0, basically provides the same idea, but with some differences in both its coding and its price point among other factors.

      Selling your 2.0 site is a once in a lifetime decision. You of course, can ask to have the existing creator transfer it back to you at some point, but once the content is gone off it, it stays that way for good. Unless Ning has a backup of the site in their archives. I believe the maximum time frame for backed up sites is 3 months, but I could be mistaken on that. so it's a decision that is entirely up to you.

      As you are interested in the 3.0 platform, perhaps you should ask Ning to migrate your content to 3.0 after you've downloaded an archive of the 2.0 site. then Ask Ning to keep your 2.0 site as you wish to transfer it to another member. Then if you wish, you can keep your content on the new 3.0 platform, while allowing the other creator taking ownership to remove the content previously on the site. this way it will be something akin to brand new. although there will probably need to be some redesigning and page or post reordering to do after the process has been finalized.

      I hope this helps you.

      • Amber,

        I just got back a few hours ago from a holiday weekend family vacation and found your very helpful and comprehensive reply—that you sent minutes after I asked my question on Friday!

        I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write you back. You answered a number of questions and concerns I've had and brought up others I hadn't thought about much or at all. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time and care you put into your reply.

        I love 2.0. It's been stone reliable and pretty much hassle-free. We once had about 100,000 visitors over less than an hour and our site didn't crash—it barely slowed down! If it had been our WP site, which is hosted on a good-size VPS, it would have waved the white flag after 5 minutes.

        The main reason we need to move to 3.0 is that it's responsive. About 2/3 of our members and visitors are on smartphones and our site is image intensive, especially our discussions. I had a javascript overlay developed to make it responsive that works well but has some unavoidable compromises that we wouldn't have on a natively responsive site.

        I also like some of the features on Ning 3, especially the greatly expanded group features, but I have a number of concerns, too. We use photo albums a lot, for example, and 3 doesn't offer them. 

        I'll pick this up tomorrow. Thanks again for all your help.

        BTW, according to Dmitry, I can keep my Ning 2 site and its content. I just have to change the URL.


        • That's excellent news!

          You can see George Compton has done an excellent job at making responsive 2.0 sites. Jus tsearch under tips and tricks for this. As I'll also be tweaking his code a tad for the network I'm a 2.0 owner of. you can see what I've done with a few of them as admin, some more recently than others.





          Hope that helps.

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          • You're right, George has done a great job at making 2.0 responsive.

            Mine is responsive, but I didn't end up using George's. I've had compromises in making my 2.0 responsive that I can't live with long term. That's mostly because my discussion replies are nested and lots of images are placed in replies. The nesting starts cutting the images on the right after the nesting is 2 deep. After years of nested discussions, I can't go to flat without making the older ones too hard to follow. Here's an example of the photo problem.

            Your sites are really cool! One Vibration especially. I loved how your dropdowns had so many options, like daily/weekly top members and regularly visited groups. Some of the options you offer are ones I didn't know were available. Did you tweak those yourself?

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            • Yes I did. they were all me.

              • Great work! Would you mind telling how you did it?

                • Clicking view all links in modules. copying add links in different sections. Sorting drop downs for filter options in modules. Searching for content in each module to find it's corresponding URL. Figuring out RSS feed codes. Adding and updating features and choosing different layouts for them, particularly in the leaderboards area. Figuring out other sites URL structure for featured items. Personal experience when posting to different content items. I've even made a huge template file containing every 2.0 URL point and how it should be set up for best results with tab structure and privacy options included. I'll upload it here soon if you want. Includes Admin URLs as well. I'll need to unbrand it first.

                  • I've had my Ning site since 2009 and you understand how to do things far better than I do. I never even thought of a lot of what you did. 

                    Yes, if you don't mind uploading it at your convenience, please do.

                    Thank you!

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